Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: August 2008

Thursday, August 28, 2008


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Lots and lots of things...
1. My new job 2. Dave Letterman 3. My weight gain 4. The end of summer

My new job. So, my career has been a strange one. The early part of my life (my 20s) I truly enjoyed myself. I was responsible. I wanted to work in advertising and I knocked down the doors of the big agencies to get in and I made it. Once I got there, I realized that perhaps it was not all it was supposed to be. I worked many hours for very little pay, so for the first few years, I bartended on the side. I went to the client side (because we all do at some point or another) and I was unhappy there. I felt like 4 people did 1 person's job when I was on the client side - I like to run around with my head on fire. I met a guy I was serious with and then I started to work for a small chain restaurant in Sales and Events. I did well, probably my most "hands on" job where I got the most experience. I felt like I was getting old and I needed a change.

I took a job as a recruiter. This has been the biggest struggle of my life. There is no creativity. My whole life I have worked in a creative industry and even though I know PLACE creatives, I am not the one in the creative process. I am not the one driving the brand or influencing consumers and I miss that.

David Letterman, I watched David Letterman tonight vs. King of Queens because a dumb cubs game was on. I just finished watching our future president BARACK. And next I turned Dave on, i am staying up a little late because I am not working tomorrow. Dave is good, Dave is funny.

I gained 20 fricking pounds and I am TOO LAZY to do anything about it. I just eat and eat and eat. I think I am depressed. I am obsessed with salt, I crave salty foods ALL damn day long.

The end of summer is sad. I took tomorrow off so I could get up and go for a run and then clean a little and work from home a little AND THEN sit pool side all day. I cannot wait, four full days off and after that back to work for hopefully closing some deals (as they say).

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