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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday...many days have past....much has happpened

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So, I have grown tired of the daily, chronological order of things that happens to me each day, even though I'm sure you love it. I think I can summarize everything that has gone horribly wrong and the things that have inspired me over the past few days.

Last week, I went to the Unemployment office and was wrongfully turned away for NOT having my Social Security card (but as I had suspected) I did not actually need my SS card. Idiot at the front desk was making my life difficult. I left the Unemployment line and headed towards the social security office to stand in line, once again, and get a new card. I waited there for nearly two hours but at least I was in a mixed crowd of civilization, much unlike the Unemployment Office earlier that day.

Day 2 of heading to the Unemployment Office, I decided I would get there very early, before they opened. I arrived just shy of 8:30 A.M. and I was horrified to see a line outside of the office. A line where I would soon have to stand as the only white person among many non-whites. It made me feel a little uneasy, and it made me feel a little humble, but I was not embarrassed or scared. I took a deep breath, got out of my car and apprehensively walked towards the line.

I stood outside and very quickly made a friend, they guy in line behind me was a bus driver for the CTA who had quit his job due to medical reasons. Well, the medical reasons turned out to be "stress" because he could not take the "shit" that his boss was asking him to to do anymore - you know, like show up on time and do what he was told. He was tired of the "shit" that everyone who rode the bus gave him too.

After waiting nearly two hours, my name was called and I started to walk up to the counter. I was all bouncy and excited! As I approach the counter, a woman walks up there and beats me to the counter. I was confused so I asked the man behind the counter to repeat the name he had just called, and it was confirmed that IT WAS my name. But, the other woman, Doris Clark, said..."I'm Doris Clark and I was here before her."

At first, I stood back because I was not entirely sure just what the hell Doris Clark was up to? But then she started to announce that she was in line before me, which she had to have known ONLY due to the fact that I was the only white person in the office. She started to make a scene, refusing to move from the counter. She insisted that her paperwork was before my paperwork and that the man behind the counter should "check his file!" He did, he checked the bin filled with applications and there was not an application for a Doris Clark. This enraged her even more.

Long/short of it, it escalated to the point where I said, "OK, step aside because it is my turn." She refused so I stepped up to the counter and started to hand my information to the man behind the counter. This is when Doris Clark shoved me. So, I yelled at the top of my lungs "Oh, hell no, you did not just push me!" But I did it in my most "white girl" voice. Three security guards were called, Doris still would not budge and eventually the police were phoned.

I started to worry about Doris and I asked her "why are you doing this? Do you really want to go to JAIL over who was next in line?" And this was her beautiful reply.... "Jail, I ain't goin to jail. You is goin' to jail. And even if I do go to Jail, I got the money to get out - do you? I don't think you do."

What? What Doris Clark? What the HELL are you saying? In what world is that an argument? A world where people brag about having bail money? "Go ahead, call the police, I gots the money to get out."

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