Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: A Rant

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Rant

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This is an entry dedicated to my utter sadness and feelings of betrayal. Approximately six years ago, perhaps seven, I purchased my first pair of Ugg boots. The moment I put them on my feet, I knew it was match made in heaven. Shortly after the purchase of my "Classic Tall" boot in "Sand", I ran out to the store to purchase a pair of Ugg slippers, house slippers.

The house slippers were worn on a daily basis from the moment I set foot in my door to the moment I left, naturally, they wore out much more quickly than the boots. I purchased another pair of slippers approximately three winters ago. I quickly learned that my newer slippers were shit compared to the older ones. In fact, I have both pair of slippers and I prefer the seven year old pair to the "newer" three year old pair.

Now the boots. The boots I HAD to toss last winter, it had gotten to the point where the insides were completely worn through and they were ripping my feet apart at the heel. This winter, I purchase my second pair of boots - again, "Classic Tall" but in chocolate brown (as they were out of "Sand"). Here is my BIG GRIPE. My brand new boots, worn not more than six times, only a week old, have already worn through on the heel on the inside of the boot.

It seems as though the boots they now make are Made in China (as opposed to Australia) and the bottom layer of sheep skin that is supposed to be cuddly and keep your feet so warm is glued to the boot. The first day I wore my boots the glue wore through and the sheep skin STUCK to my foot, ripping the sheep skin off the bottom of the boot.

It is now at the point where I cannot wear this stupid boot. I must return them to the store and hopefully the next pair will wear slightly longer than one week!


Anonymous said...

Time to find a new maker of boots

Anonymous said...

leyla said...

My lord! is amazing - every maker is on there. Thanks Annonymous!

Anonymous said...

Why your welcome.