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Monday, November 24, 2008

Sirius Satellite Radio

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If there is one thing I cannot live without, it is my Sirius Satellite Radio! Each morning I wake up to the delightful voice of my dearest Howard Stern and my favorite man, Artie Lange! I have not missed a show in years and I am totally loyal to the show. I love that I have friends who listen as religiously as I do, when something hysterical happens, I know I can quickly send a text message or a facebook message to a certain few friends and share in the vulgarity that took place earlier that day.

I think there have only been two shows in recent history where I've had to throw up and for certain Richard Christie was involved. Probably some morning when I wasn't feeling too good and they were talking about Richard not showering and crapping his pants and not changing his jeans for 2 days - or something of the like.

Since the merger between XM and Sirius, I've been able to enjoy so many additional channels which is a bonus. Now we have the BBC 1 Channel and additional music channels. Though I am not a fan, you can even listen to the 24 hour Grateful Dead channel.

In any case, I posted my Sirius link on my page for anyone who may be interested in trying it out. I cannot say enough good things about it. It is how I get through cleaning my apt. every weekend. I put on Left of Center or the Punk Rock station OR Channel 35....The Chill station and I clean for hours without a second thought to changing the channel because there are no commericals!

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