Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Whores

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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This time around, I will talk about Whores. I have a deep appreciation for "business women at night," I am always intrigued and curious about their lives. The Spitzer Whore was more entertaining for me than the fall of Britney Spears. What horrible circumstances bring these women into this profession? Can they not DO anything else? Are they lazy? What are they thinking?

Saturday afternoon, I made a hair appointment at 3pm at a Salon on Oak Street. I know the stylist, and I am familiar with a couple other stylists in the salon, and for the most part, the salon is upscale, catering to a professional, Gold Coast clientele.

On this particular day, in the "hair extension" room, which was situated behind the station where I normally sit, were six little girls with hillbilly accents. Note: I did not say "southern accents" because there is a difference between a hillbilly and a southern accent. This was a clear hillbilly accent. I heard things like "My Grandma takes me to the Wallmart", in fact, I heard "Wallmart" used repeatedly in their conversations. I could see the little girls perfectly from my mirror, I could look straight at them as if I were looking at myself completely undetected.

Even though I live in a city, and I prefer an urban environment, I am truly a loner at heart and hope to one day have enough money to be a recluse (much like Daniel Plainfield for those of you who saw "There Will be Blood") living in my apartment and rarely coming out. When I am forced into situations where I must fraternize with the general public, I refrain from making eye contact or conversation with others because I just don't like to. On Saturday, I entered the salon in my Saturday afternoon clothes (sloppy, no make up, big sunglasses with Starbucks in hand) and once I got to my chair, I read my magazine and/or played Brickbreaker on my phone....until....

Finally, the girls in the room behind me were loud enough and hillbilly enough to catch my attention, I kept looking into the mirror to figure out who they were as they simply did not belong. They were very young, teenagers, I guessed between 15 and 19 at the most. They were giggling and making stupid jokes, childish jokes.

The girls were also getting a lot of work done, I could see that some of them were getting extensions (this is a process that STARTS at about $300, closer to $1000 each) and the other girls were getting their hair colored - blonde highlights for everyone, big, bold streaks of blonde! Let's just put it this way, my cut & color comes to about $150. Not cheap.

I assumed that the girls were the younger sister of one of the stylists. Perhaps the girls came up from their small town and were getting the services done for free. By the looks (and sounds) of these girls, I could not imagine that they had the means to pay for such services on their own. I mean, I don't have the means to pay for the services they were getting.

When I moved to the Shampoo area, away from the hillbilly girls, I asked the stylist who the girls were, "Who are those little girls in the back room?" And his reply was, "They are hookers." I thought he was kidding but he was serious. My stylist continued on to say "They are little whores that work the hotels." I did not believe him at first but he confirmed that they were not ashamed of being "whores" and they had willingly revealed it in their conversation the previous day when they first visited the salon.

What I came to find out was that about six girls had come into the salon the previous day requesting a laundry list of services and received a $3000 quote to get all their hair done. They were all getting dye jobs and hair extensions. They said, "Mario better get us plenty of work." Their Pimp "Mario" would fly these girls up from their homes in Oklahoma on the weekends and put them up in hotels downtown and then whore them out over the weekend.

I got a good look at the girls before I left and most of them had terrible teeth, they were undereducated, trashy with below average bodies and bad, bad outfits. But I wondered, "Where did Mario find these girls?" Did Mario the Pimp GO to Oklahoma in the small towns and pluck these girls right out? What promises did he make these girls? And, what did these girls think of themselves?

Did they think of themselves as beautiful and glamorous? Did they tell their friends back home "Yeah, well, we go up to Chicago and men pay us money to be with them." Did they think they were special? Did they go home on Sunday night and parade their new hairdo's at the Wallmart? And what did Grandma say?


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Hey this is a repost, where's the original content?

leyla said...

Yes Anonymous, this is a re-post. This was pulled from my "original" blog that I used to keep on Myspace. The original content still remains in place, on my Myspace blog. There is also plenty of "fresh" content here on SMS

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