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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What I Did Today....So Far

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I woke up this morning to Howard Stern (of course). Got up and meditated, my new promise to myself. I started this week - Monday I meditated for 9 minutes, skipped Tuesday and this AM I was able to meditate for a total of 19 minutes. My goal is 30 minutes a day of meditation.

I emailed a business liason whom I've been meaning to reach out to for about two weeks now, I hope I am not too late! I set up my Google Adwords account, which took about ten minutes, set all my key words and watched myself spend $1.46 in under five minutes. I'll check my analytics tonight.

Later on, I received a phone call about a job that will be opening up very soon. In fact, no one even knows that it will be vacant (because the person has not yet put in her notice), therefore I need to keep myself top of mind with the hiring managers for this position for when the person does decide to leave. I am so grateful for my many, many good friends and former co-workers who have been working harder than I have been on this job search. I have received at least five or six leads for jobs without even having to do any legwork.

I emailed my web designer and told him we need to have an actual "conversation" since we communicate electronically 99.9% of the time. I also sent out an e-greeting for Thanksgiving wishing all my friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

And finally, I rode in a brand new Masarati Grand Turismo S! The vehicle was delivered last night, it belongs to a friend, and he picked it up today. I hopped a ride to Starbucks to pick up my triple machiato. Man, I should have taken a photo, that would have made a good posting - me, in my puffer coat, hat, sunglasses and starbucks in hand posing in front of a Masarti. It would have been my Brittney Spears moment.

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