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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008...A Year in Reflection

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Holy Crap, I cannot believe it is 2009 in a matter of hours. It is Cloud 9, 2009!

Well, a lot happened to me in 2008, I ran the marathon, my artwork was in competition to be toured in great galleries around the world, I got married, I started a new business, I had a baby, I bought a new home and I won the lottery. Don't you just hate those stupid Christmas cards you receive from distant friends that brag about exaggerated crap like that? I just want to drive to those people's homes and peak in the windows so I can watch their husband drink Jack Daniels out of the bottle and beat the kids.

Ok, no, none of the abovementioned happened, except the lottery. OK, no lottery either. WAIT! I must interject, an unrelated subject... I am sitting at Starbucks typing away and the hottest guy is sitting across from me, so perhaps, 2009 will bring a new love interest. I was just trying to check out whether he was wearing a wedding ring and I noticed tattoos on his fingers instead. Visible tattoos, way better than a ring in Leyla-Land. I want to turn my head and look at him so badly but I am nervous, what if he notices that I am looking at him.

ENOUGH! Back to the story at hand, a reflection of 2008, not a story about the smoking hot guy sitting next to me. In 2008, I quit my job in an upscale, 10,000 square foot restaurant after nearly four years of being their Event & Marketing manager. I started a new career that only lasted six months, mainly due to the economic downturn, when that ended, I mustered up the courage (forced-courage) to start my own marketing business. The marketing business is tough, not easy to get the ball rolling but I press on every week. I emailed four former clients today and each one delivered positive feedback which leads me to believe 2009 is looking up alreday.

I started this blog and figured out how to use affiliate marketing - by using words like PAYDAY LOAN as my keywords, I can attract people to my blog that are looking for a quick cash. Though, I do not have a payday loan advertisement on here. I always said, "I try to keep my advertisers to things I would actually want or need, or perhaps things I think are worthy". In my opinion, words like “Pay Day Loan” and “Quick Cash Fast” also attract people who may use prostitutes, perhaps I can pick up some extra work that way? I’ll also flood my blog with words like “United Arab Emirates” and “Freedom Fighters” to see what kind of browsers come flocking here. Next thing, I’ll be nabbed by the US Government for violating the Patriot Act, which just so happens to be my least favorite Act.

In 2008, in addition to this blog, my travel blog kicked off. I will tell you more about that at another time. In my last post, I included the site for the travel agency. But the blog portion will really flourish in early weeks of 2009! I am truly looking forward to writing about one of my biggest passions – travel. My first entry will be dedicated to my favorite hotel chain in the world The Four Seasons; they know the meaning of the word consistency and in a good way!

In 2008, when it came to love, I was consistent....I failed. I was in a relationship with a younger, attractive, smart man but I managed to successfully sabotage that relationship like I sabotage all of my relationships. Including friendships. I took a big risk in love and hoped for a nice return, I hoped to spend my life with him. It didn’t quite work as I hoped for, he ditched me. I was really in love with him and I wish I had treated him with the tenderness and kindness that he showed me.

In 2009, when it comes to relationships, I refuse to try any longer, I’m sick of it. Maybe I’ll turn gay – just kidding, I know you don’t “turn” gay. Plus, women make me mental, I’d likely go to jail for killing my girlfriend.

On a positive note, my father is healthy and happy after a short stay in the hospital two months ago. He had another stint put in his artery and now has a total of 10 stints. But, so far, those stints have kept him alive. As of last month, he was the longest living male in his family history – ever! He is awesome, I could probably start a whole blog on just the things that come out of his mouth.

My brothers - well, one is a graphic designer so he is also feeling the economy right now and my other brother is in IT so he is basically untouchable by the economy. It is what it is.

Outlook for 2009...
I am weeks away from launching a third site that is specifically for ladies who are looking to plan bachelorette parties. Targeting females aged 18 to 39. The blog is mainly informative, nothing to buy, just media and information to share. I have 10+ years of event planning experience and I hope to share some of my expertise with my readers.

Additionally, I also look forward to buying a lot of music in 2009, going to many more concerts and taking a wine class on French Wines. I promised myself that I need to start “living” versus sitting in my apartment watching The Family Guy and King of Queens.

Here is to you 2009! I look forward to your arrival and to your prosperity, your happiness and the adventures you'll bring!

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