Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Rubbers

Friday, December 19, 2008


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Last night was a big snow storm in Chicago and the whole city was awakened by a mass of white powder....every where! It was delightfully pretty watching it come down late last night and I was excited to get out this morning and face the beautiful day. Being that this was not my first winter in Chicago (in fact, more like my 32nd winter in Chicago - I spent 4 winters else where for those who are counting), I knew what to expect after the pretty faded.

I approached the bus stop on Michigan Avenue and was greeted wtih the cold welcome of black slush. The stop had a moat around it and the moat was filled with freezing, black water about 7 inches deep. I had to stand about 6 feet away from the curb in an effort to stay dry and clean.

While waiting for the bus, I noticed the young, white collar fellow to my right. The fellow was wearing a pair of brown shoes, no boots. His poor little feet and jeans were soaking wet and I had no option but to comment. I said, "Your poor little feet, where are your boots?" He replied, "I have another pair of shoes and socks in the office to change into." My rebuttal, "But that is not good enough, you need warm boots! Or at the very least, you need a pair of those things that old men wear over their dress shoes." To my surprise he starts to chuckle and says, "Yeah, like my dad, those things they put on their feet are called 'rubbers'". He continues on to tell me, "The other day my dad went into CVS and told the lady behind the counter that he needed rubbers."

Two others at the bus stop (all with soaking wet feet) were listening to our conversation and all of us all started laughing. The thought of an older man walking into a CVS and asking for rubbers without realizing what he was saying was a great image - especially considering the usual staff at the CVS.

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