Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: The Shower This Morning

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Shower This Morning

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I was dog-sitting my brother's dog while he was snowboarding in Colorado. I stayed at his apartment while watching his dog because my apartment does not allow dogs. I got up this morning, fed the dog, took him for a walk and looked at the guest bathroom to check out the shower. I didn't feel comfortable showering in my brother's master bath because all his stuff was in there and I didn't want to disrupt anything. The guest bath has the full body spray and the "rain-like" shower head so the guest shower was just as nice as the master shower. I looked and saw some body soap so I thought I was fine.

I got in, set the temperature of the water, aimed the body sprayers just right and relaxed for a minute enjoying the HOT water. I grabbed the body wash and started to lather myself up. I grabbed the body wash again to get a little more and that was when I realized that I was washing my body with DOG SHAMPOO. I was too lazy to get out of my hot shower so I continued to clean up with the dog shampoo.

I cannot say that it was any different than regular shampoo or body wash. It was Oatmeal based, had a nice aroma so it worked out just fine.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahahaha... Love it

Baby Songer said...

I just spat out my breakfast when I red "lathered myself" just now

Unknown said...

I'll bet the dog was pissed you used his shower and oatmeal shampoo!