Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: The Chanel Gun Shoe

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Chanel Gun Shoe

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On January 1st, I spent a full 13 hours in bed watching TV and surfing the net, which is only three or four more hours than usual. But during this time, I came across something very important, relevant and necessary....THE CHANEL GUN SHOE.

I really want to get back to the basics of who I am here in this first blog of 2009, I am materialistic and I love shoes. Although I think there are other plenty of shoe makers that produce wild, out of control shoes: Louboutain, Gucci, Prada (more classic but still hot) and even Louis Vuitton, I have never been much of a Chanel girl because of how classic the shoes are...UNTIL THE CHANEL GUN SHOE!

How hot is this shoe? In 2009, I want a pair of Chanel Gun Shoes and a weekend gambling at The Belagio... I would be at the Craps table threatening people all night long, kicking up my leg and sticking my shoe in their face! I dare anyone to come near me while wearing these shoes, I will shoot them right in the face with my foot!

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