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Friday, January 9, 2009

It Only Gets Worse From Here!

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I woke up early this morning, worked from home a little, checked emails, read Ad Age, posted an item on my FB, etc., etc., and as I ready myself for heading to the office & gym, I turn on Oprah. The topic is SEX in the five part "your best life" series.

I'm going to vomit. Middle aged couples who are being taught how to have foreplay and how to use a vibrator. The Sex Expert asks the dorky women to "release their inner-vixen and "Learn how to let go of your negative feelings about sex." One woman, who does not enjoy sex, confessed that she has sex "quarterly, when I do my taxes."

It is so frustrating to watch, who are these people? I am barfing, they are telling these women to take POLE DANCING classes. No! Please no! This visual makes Pole Dancing disgusting for the rest of us! I don't want to see this middle aged, overweight woman on a pole, it reminds me of the episode of King of Queens when Carrie took the pole dancing class and sucked at it. It is so weird to watch these 40 year old women fearing that they are "sluts" if they "ask for what they want" from their husbands! There was one woman, 40+, who has never had an orgasm. Really? I'd shoot myself.

A sexless marriage is a fate worse than death as far as I am concerned.

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