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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pharmacy Rant

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Just left the gym where I did my best to run, jump, punch and lift my '09 frustrations away but now I am Walgreens waiting for my anti anxiety prescription to be filled. I am sitting here watching the pharmacy assistant talk to his girlfriend on the phone and not fill my meds. I look over at aisle 12, cough remedies, glucose supplements, latex gloves, and all this stuff, colorful eye catching stuff just begging to be purchased.

The phone keeps ringing but pharmacy assistant is too lazy to pick it up. Terrible music on the Walgreens in-store radio, some stupid song "99 Reasons" followed by an in-store ad trying to convert me into an Aquafresh Whitening System user. I hate in-store radio. I hate fluorescent lighting.

What if I invented my own "in-store" experience for a pharmacy? I'd make it like an opium den. Comfortable seating, perhaps beds even, while you wait for your script to be filled. Instead of lab coats, lovely waitresses in scantily clad outfits would try to sell you Swiffer Wet Jets or One Touch Ultra. Maybe we can stick with the lab coat look but make them a little shorter with some white fish net thigh highs?

I know I look crazy sitting here; people keep starring at me because I have messy gym hair. Reading the news about the economy is finally starting to get me down - coupled with my own personal problems. I cannot believe the number of lay-offs that took place again this week, they say it has not been this bad since 1945. I can count 10 friends out of work off the top of my head. Then reading about the housing crisis, new home sales are anticipated to be down 78% in the first quarter in Chicago. I even read that toilet paper sales are down, toilet paper! People still need to wipe their asses, right? What do they do, use less? (Immediately my brain goes to the visual of someone sitting there contemplating how many fewer squares they can use to save money).

I just wonder when it will all end, when we'll return to the land of plentiful arrogance that I used to love and cherish. They say 2011, can I deal with that? I really didn’t anticipate it ever getting this bad but I don’t think any of us did. We’re so accustomed to feeling very safe and financially secure living in the US. Part of me wants to sell everything and live in Thailand until this all blows over, will employers forgive me for jumping ship for two years when I return to the States and look for work?

Focusing on the positive becomes increasingly more difficult but it is really the only option. I just keep reading various trade publications and the news in an effort to figure out where the growth is, there has to be growth in a down economy somewhere. I need to do some research and find out where the growth was from a historical perspective and then do my best to translate that into our current society. I am fairly certain that good things, great things, happen during the upswing coming out of a down economy.


Anonymous said...

yay! Mcdonalds is making money, lol

Brandon said...

Nice.. just reminded me to take my muscle relaxers..


gulp. swallow.

Anyway, thanks for the Bull & Bear review, I'm so going to hit up that buffalo burger.