Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Don't Hate Me Because You Secretly LOVE Me

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Don't Hate Me Because You Secretly LOVE Me

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About a year ago, I started to post on, for the most part, I have really enjoyed this experience because I love the Chicago food scene and I like to talk food and beverage. I am a self-proclaimed, B-rate foodie, I've spent 20 years in/out of the restaurant industry in various capacities. Top restaurateurs value my opinion as well as the power of my voice. I've been invited into restaurants to sample menus with the hopes that I will spread the "good word". Additionally, I have also been interviewed by local publications on my opinion, I have received emails from out of towners who've read my posts and asked me for my recommendations, etc.

The problem with Yelp, many of the Yelpers, well, they hate me. If I post a thread, I get sabotaged, they just really like to rake me over the coals. At first, this upset me tremendously, but now, I thrive on it. Especially since I no longer work in the restaurant industry, I am free to throw insults back without any professional backlash. And you know what, as much as some of those Yelpers dislike me, the feeling is mutual - I am just not that into "hipsters", people who review gas stations or donut shops and fat girls whose only friends are online.

For shits and giggles, I thought I'd post some of the things that people said about me in my most recent Thread. But before I do that, I want to post a picture of myself to further irritate them (as I know they'll read this)...

Here is a photo of my on 7 day Blue Voyage Cruise (private charter). I love this picture, I look so adorable in my D&G tank top!

Jason S. says:
Find someone more fun to date.

Astronomer Joe "Yelp's Honey Stache" G. says:
She's a self-centered bitch.

My biggest Fan Mandi G
Mandi G. says:
And good job on going three posts without pimping your boring, narcissistic and completely void of all intentional humor blog

Mandi G. says:
You've mentioned your stupid blog in practically every thread you have ever posted in. Shut up already you boring twat

(Mandi G brings up my blog IN EVERY thread that I post, even if I don't, clearly she is a big fan)

sam k. says:
Leyla, why are you involving yourself in this? He's your friend, and you're not his jewish mother. Stop being a yenta. Stop trying to make things happen. You look stoooopid.

The Lovely Mandi G
You are the one who doesn't know the tag line of the most popular character on the longest running sitcom on television right now. Seriously, you are a dumb, annoying twat and your friend's problem is that he would actually ask YOU for advice.

Kerry "=P" J. says:
Leyla, not every American is a lazy alcoholic slut, FYI.
(I am not really sure what this means)

From Carol
Leyla I don't know you and I am sure you mean well but you are meddling.

Here she is again!
Mandi G. says:
Leyla- It's not anger. It's just me telling you the truth. I feel sorry for girls like you. You live in a bubble, completely unaware of how others perceive you.

And I don't get down with girls that have anything smaller then a B cup, so you and your boy tits are out of luck.
(right, my boy tits)

Clearly, Sam is a regular reader, my last post had my kitchen sink in it!
sam k. says:
But there's only so much you can do. It's his life. Let him live it. Go take more photos of your kitchen sink. I think you're a loser.

I particularly like this one...I never paid attention to this guy so he got increasingly more aggressive as the "thread" went on.
Kerry "=P" J. says:
Leyla, you are stale and old.
(he has no idea how stale & old)

sam k. says:
hey retard, its in your profile. i love that you think we all have it memorized and bookmarked though. Because you dont get anything.

Mandi G. says:
Yeah, besides hating on overweight people, Leyla is also ageist and racist.

She is also the girl who wrote the review berating a pizza restaurant for not having a coat check, and said review was the laughing stock of yelp for the week it was written.

Actually, Mandi should get it straight, the "hate" thread about me was for 22 days, it was awesome. These Yelpers actually talked about me on a thread for 10 days before I ever noticed, a friend emailed me to inform me and then the thread continued for another 12 days. Who would put that much energy into one girl? I must be special!

Dylan "in this economic climate" D. says:
That blog sucks.
(than why read it Dylan?)

Jason S. says:
Leyla, you look a bit like a dark haired Gwen Stefani.
(really? that's a first)

On the flip side of things, I have a few friends on Yelp that do post meaningful reviews and I have a pretty "healthy" online relationship with them. You won't find those people on the threads, however, they have jobs, lives, families.


Ellen said...

I don't secretly love you...I publicly adore you.

I seriously don't get the leyla hatefest on yelp.

leyla said...

Thank you Ellen, and I you!

gh said...

i am so glad we are friends

GoatKING said...

These people are dumbasses