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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dr. Phil...Teenagers Text Message Abbreviations

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I was about to go to bed and Dr. Phil came on the television, and sure enough, I am drawn in instantly. He provided a link on his page for Text Messaging "shorthand". Check this out, this is great!

ADR — Address

AFK — Away from Keyboard

ASL — Age/Sex/Location

BRB — Be Right Back

GTG — Got to Go

GYPO — Get Your Pants off

IWSN — I Want Sex Now

JK — Just Kidding

KFY — Kiss for You

KPC — Keeping Parents Clueless

LMIRL — Let's Meet in Real Life

LMAO—Laughing My Ass off

LOL — Laugh out Loud

MorF — Male or Female

NIFOC — Nude in Front Of Computer

P911 - Parent Alert

PAL — Parents Are Listening

PAW — Parents Are Watching

PIR — Parent in Room

POS — Parents over Shoulder

SorG — Straight or Gay

TDTM — Talk Dirty to Me

WYCM — Will You Call Me?

The teens are also very open with the fact that they send naked photos of themselves to guys they meet on MySpace. These kids do the weird "nude" webcam stuff too. We had the Girls Gone Wild Generation and now we have the "I will send you naked photos of myself to anyone from my webcam" generation.

Just filling you all in on our generational gap! OH, and BTW, I am NIFOC right now :)

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