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Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Fantastic Day

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Being a girl brings with it many joys. Getting my hair done is one of those simple joys and I think only girls can appreciate. I like full-service salons where I am greeted with a more than friendly "hello," my coat is taken and I am escorted to my stylist's chair.

Today was my first visit to the Asha Salon and Spa in the Gold Coast, thanks to a friend who generously gave me a gift certificate. I was graciously greeted by three lovely ladies at the front desk, one of them checked my coat and gym bag while another took me upstairs to meet my colorist, Kennedy. Kennedy and I chatted as she mixed my color, she was delightful, and she did a great job with my "all over" color, mostly to cover (ehm) grays.

After my hair was washed, I was taken over to Mandy for my cut. Mandy was equally as charming, and on a scale of 1 t0 10, I would give her a big, whopping TEN on my hair cut. An extremely precise cut. I explained that my hair was a little too long for my liking, perhaps she could take it up an inch. I also explained that I wanted some shorter layers framing my face and for her to clean up some of my existing layers. She asked "would you like me to construct any new layers?" To which I replied "no, not unless it is necessary, except in around my face." She trimmed my hair while it was wet, then she blew me dry, and flat ironed the ends. To finalize my cut, she cut my hair dry to finish off any texturing and cleaning up of my pre-exising layers.

The girls both also introduced me to a couple of new Aveda products that I was not previously aware were on the market. I walked out of the salon with an amazing head of hair that smells ABSOLUTELY fabulous. I love Aveda products! Being that I live within blocks of this salon, and their pricing is right on target with what I am accustomed to spending, I will be back to see both Mandy & Kennedy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leyla, OMG I miss your crazy ass so much... How is life without Sushi Samba in it? I would say mine is better...hahahah

Talk to you soon!