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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Random Things...

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My kitchen. I love my kitchen. I willingly sacrifice space for location and aesthetics. Two years ago, I remodeled my kitchen without taking re-sale into consideration. My kitchen is very small, which afforded me the luxury to utilize upgraded materials such as the full back splash and a nicer hardware and fixtures. Everything is white, stark white, with Carrera white marble counter tops and back splash. When I walk into my kitchen, I am flooded with joy. I look up at my white laminate cabinets that reach up to the ceiling and I am happy.

My first love. Coffee. Espresso really. I love good espresso, I like it with very little sugar and I like lots of it.

Back when I was totally into MySpace, I used to take photos of myself in bathrooms. The bathroom shots were really important to me, I had to take a photo of myself in any bathroom I possibly could in an effort to be MySpace compliant.

Gay Porn. I think sometimes gay porn titles can be very funny. I mean, come on, how is Poor Little White Boy NOT funny?

And finally, Venice, my favorite city in Europe. I love how old it is, I like the history and the art culture. I was so impressed with every part of Venice so I decided to include it in my RANDOM post. This Random Post was also an excercize in including visual content into my blog.

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