Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Valentine's Day for Leyla A.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day for Leyla A.

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Valentine's day....well, it really means nothing to me and it never has. I cannot recall a single meaningful Valentine's Day that had a positive twist.

My ONLY recollection of a V-day that had any meaning at all was years ago when I was dating someone whom we shall refer to as The Doctor. The Doctor is a romantic, he's like a woman. We had been dating for 2 months when he invited me out on V-day. He asked where I wanted to go, I told him but it wasn't good enough for him. The Doctor made a reservation at a far better restaurant than the one I recommended.

That night, I received an expensive gift (that said nothing about my personality) and as soon as we finished dinner, he grew very antsy. I wondered, "WHAT could possibly be going on?" The Doctor was itching to get out of the restaurant and I wanted another glass of port. Soon enough, he insists we leave and practically drags me out of the restaurant. Once outside, I find a WHITE horse and carriage awaiting. My initial thought was "holy shit, I am going to shoot myself before I board this handsome cab" but I did it anyway. I got in the carriage, in the dead of winter in Chicago and circled one block from my apartment. I smiled and pretended to care.

The following years of my relationship with The Doctor proved to be a comedy of errors. Two people who stayed together despite ALL indicators that they should be apart.

So this Valentine's day, I have no Valentine - whatever the hell that means. Here is what I did today.
- I woke up at 8a and thought that was a RIDICULOUS hour and went back to sleep
- I re-awoke at 10:46 to a phone call
- I pretended to clean my apartment
- I pretended to work out
- I spent about an hour working, entering more names in my "email marketing" campaign (aka spam)
- I called my mom overseas - way too late, she was asleep
- I got in the shower
- I went to my mom's to water her plants and steal a bottle of wine
- I came home to do laundry and cook for 2 hours
- I made 2 delicious meals, one for tonight, one for the rest of the week
- I watched THE LONELY GUY and laughed hysterically
- I watched SNL

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