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Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank God It's Monday!

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I started the weekend on Thursday by attending the "So You Think You Can Stip" contest at The Admiral Theater, the full nudity strip club on the north side of Chicago was hosting an amateur contest where the winner was eliglbe to win $5K. The festivities were advertised with a 10:00 PM start time, yet the contest didn't get under way until well after 11:00 PM. The opening "act" was a burlesque dancer and then each girl performed a well thought out "skit" with props, staging, etc. I was impressed with how much detail each dancer put into their skits. The winner, Roxy, is a student at De Paul :)

Thursday night I didn't get home until after 1 AM and had trouble falling asleep. Friday, I had a late a.m. meeting with a tour operator in Turkey. Trying to grow the tour operation end of my father's business, we are looking for a suitable tour operator in Turkey and we met with the owner of Hello Turkey tour operators. It was a great meeting followed by a lunch.

After my lunch #1, I met my friend Brit for lunch #2. We had a few cocktails with lunch and then moved onto a seocndary location - Trader Vic's. We had a mai tai at Trader Vic's on Rush street in Chicago and then headed to my friend Matt's for dinner. Matt grilled some food and we continued to imbibe. It was a LONG FRIDAY, seemingly endless.

Saturday, I took it easy. I was crushed from Friday night, I tried to work a little but couldn't concentrate. I was able to enjoy the excellent weather in the late afternoon by sitting outside at Lux Bar with some friends. I ended up acting as their designated driver and chauffering everyone home as I was NOT drinking on Saturday.

Sunday was fantastic. I woke up early, went to an a.m. yoga class at Lululemon in the Bloomingdale's building and then joined my friend Mark for "Eating in a Liquor Store" event. The Binny's in the South Loop has a bar and a fantastic deli. We ate pate, dried meats, wonderful cheeses and I had a Pinot Noir flight. Everything was great. What better way to end the weekend....great food, conversation and wine!


gregory said...

i have such a special place in my heart for that fine establishment. thank you for a trip down memory lane.

Marcus Riley said...

Ha... I was there that night as well. Took plenty of pics and video: