Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Why I Hate Anonymous Comments

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I Hate Anonymous Comments

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I hate Annonymous comments from people because the people who leave them are big, fat, giant babies. They usually have nothing to say that makes any sense or is of any interest. They call names and that is about it. End of blog entry.


Anonymous said...

Go to sleep. Run spell check. Do something useful. Leave people you do not know, who have NOTHING to do with you, alone. Are the donations hurting/affecting you? Let it go, move on, find a job, a boyfriend, maybe get a life?

Someday, you may get it.

Sorry anonymous posts upset you. Be thankful that's all you've had to be upset about today. Go to mommy tomorrow, eat some Turkish Delight and tell her what happened on the internet. If you are brave enough. I bet you don't want to know what she would say.

leyla said...

I always mess up the N in Anonymous. Thanks for the correction.

VJ's Other Blog said...

I think in this world it's only reasonable to raise a doubt about the authenticity of any plea... it doesn't necessarily IMPLY downright that the plea is a lie or just a ruse to raise money.