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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Lollapalooza Day 1

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I was lucky enough to score myself some media passes for the three day extravaganza that is LOLLAPALOOZA! It was a chilly and rainy day, not fun to be standing outside watching music all day. I started by heading to CVS for some cheap ponchos, etc. and then I got on the bus around 4:00 PM. The bus was packed with others heading to Lollapalooza. The thing I like most about Lollapalooza is that it started in 1991 (and I was there) and many of the people attending are in my age range.

wet and muddy feet

As expected, it took a while to get in and even longer to find my friends. They wanted to see some band that I was not interested in and I wanted to make my way to the Chicago 2016 stage so I could secure a nice spot for Thievery Corporation. On my way down to the south end of the park, I stopped in Perry's area and checked out The Bloody Beetroots DJ set. This was awesome. I always love the crowds when DJs are playing and the music was great.

Crowd at My Bloody Beetroots
Crowd at My Blood beeetroots hands in the air
Dancing indians at my bloody beetroots

After the DJ set, I was starving so I stopped by the food tents and picked up a Lobster Corn Dog from Graham Elliots booth. Do you have ANY idea how excited I was that Graham Elliot had a food tent at Lollapalooza! I was actually able to eat something that tasted good versus french fries! I washed down my Lobster Corn Dog with one of those delicious Bud Light Lime beers. I had not tried those previously but I am hooked!

Graham Elliot Corn Dog

I finally made it over to see Thievery Corporation. It was my first time seeing them and I was very pleased. Great music. I was off to the side too far so I was only able to get pictures of the screen.

Thievery Corporation

I had some time to kill before Depeche Mode so I headed over to the Media area. I really just wanted to use a clean(er) porta potty. It was interesting to see that the hipsters in the Media area were too cool to get wet. I am serious. EVERYONE else in the park looked like crap but not the hipsters. Most people were covered in mud, hair and make up was messed up and everyone was wearing an ugly poncho. Um, but NOT at the media area. The girls were still in their perfectly planned out "concert" outfits and the guys were still dry and rock-and-roll looking. How? Did it NOT rain back there? I guess cool people are always cool, regardless of the elements. So, I found myself another "uncool" dude wearing a poncho and we spoke. He was a senior editor for Bullz-Eye, there to cover the show. He was in his early 40s and a big music fan. He gave me some nice insight into Depeche Mode's music, how they just weren't the same after Alan Wilder left the band.

In the Media area

Media Tent - Journalists and Bloggers covering the show! I love it!
Media tent wish I knew I would've brought my computer

It was finally time for my grand finale of Friday, Depeche Mode. I am a child of the 80s and I absolutely love Depeche Mode, particularly Martin Gore. Oddly, I wasn't that excited to see them UNTIL they got on stage. It is pretty incredible how music can remind you exactly of who you once were and it feels very comfortable in that moment. Concerts and music have been such an extreme and positive force in my life. The coolest part of the show was the couple in front of me, both huge DM fans, they had their 4 year old with them who knew ALL THE WORDS to every song. That 4 year old was so into the show, clearly, it was not his first show.

Depeche Mode Lollapalooza 09

Depeche Mode

The highlight of the show for me was Martin Gore's solo. Of course.
Martin Gore

They played for a total of 1.5 hours, which I thought was a great set considering all the problems Dave Gahan has had in recent times. Dave Gahan looked fucking amazing! I mean, his body was tight. Heroin really works for some people. He danced and did that spinning thing he does, like a whirling dervish. He sounded great too. I must agree with a lot of other blogs I've read today, the first 30 minutes or so (all new music) just didn't get the crowd going. It was when they started to play their older stuff that people went wild. And then, when they threw in some obscure stuff, me and my older gal pals in front me, we went a little nuts. I could hear the kids behind me saying "what's this?". hee hee. They closed with Stripped (one of my favorites) and Personal Jesus.

Dave Gahan

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Unknown said...

It was great meeting you yesterday. Good to know that I wasn't the only "uncool" one in the media area. :)

Jen @ SecondCitySoiree said...

Great series, Leyla. Makes me feel like I was there. How did you score the media pass?