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Monday, September 28, 2009

Pop Culture

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I wanted to write a post about me today. Let's see, let's go through the thing that I love.

When I was a kid, I loved Duran Duran. Very much. I've been to countless Duran Duran concerts and met the band on various occasions. Though my taste in music has evolved, my love for Duran Duran has not waned. I still get tremendously excited when I see a John Taylor picture.


My mother is a very fashionable woman. I grew up thumbing through Vogue magazine and watching my mother make clothes. I remember when the first issue of Elle magazine came out in the U.S., I had to purchase it and save a copy. I was addicted to fashion magazines and often ordered European versions of the magazines so I could see what people were wearing in more fashion forward cities around the globe. I designed my 8th Grade graduation dress. The only problem was, I tried to execute some of the "fashion" on my own as a pre-teen and teen. My mother had to explain that sometimes a photo is taken for artistic value and people don't go out of the house looking like that way, i.e., huge teased hair and exaggerated make up. So, I ignored her and just got ready once I arrived at school.

When I was in college, I almost majored in Interior Design but I am glad I did not. I would suck at it. I am really good at recognizing when a finished product looks good, appreciating it, but not so good at creating anything. I like design of all sorts, from interior, architecture, graphic, photography, art and so on.

Celebrity Gossip.
I never was much into celebrity gossip until my later years. Now,I am hooked and I love it. I feel like celebrity gossip is an art in itself. It is so ridiculous and entertaining, I Just love watching how it all unfolds.

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Kalisa said...

John Taylor was definitely the "cute one."