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Monday, October 19, 2009

My Halloween Blog Post

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I love Halloween and I always have loved Halloween. So this post will be about, you guessed it, Halloween. Some of my favorite Halloween stories, quick snippets of good times. (p.s. skip to the end to find products for Halloween)

One year, my ex-boyfriend and I decorated the front entrance of his house ghoulishly for the trick or treaters. Then from the basement window, we extended a smoke machine out onto the front steps. We also had SCARY MUSIC playing from the basement window. We waited and watched on the TV (from the video camera) the kids as they entered the front gate and approached the steps to the front door. The kids would hear the spooky music and then we would BLAST them with smoke from our remote control. It was awesome. The kids would run back out the gate screaming! Then we would open the front door laughing, put them at ease and give them candy. We usually had pretty awesome candy so they kept coming back.

Probably about 7 or 8 years ago, I had a strong network of hot friends. And, like all good girls, we dressed like total hookers on Halloween. We gathered at my friend Shannon's house to take some pics and have a few cocktails prior to our big night out. We usually met up with the boys (Shannon's old college friends) at some bar or nightclub and had a blast. This particular year, I was a devil. Our friend -Heather brought some weird girl who was self-employed as a head-hunter and confessed that she was on medication for her shop-lifting problem. I had no clue there was medication for shop lifting. In any case, Girl X, as we'll call her, got pretty plastered and insisted on driving. Half of my girlfriends got in her car while the other half (including me) took a taxi. Her first 1.5 minutes driving, she blows off a red light and gets pulled over. Long story short, the girls in Girl X's Lexus go down to the station while my car/cab heads to the club. When the girls get there, we find that Girl X was detained because there was a warrant out for her arrest. Apparently, there was a warrant out for her arrest because she had beat up her ex-boyfriend and he was pressing charges. Nice.

My final Halloween story
took place when I was just a kid. My next door neighbors were incredible people. A nice Greek couple, an older couple, a doctor and his wife. They had a daughter named "Connie" and "Connie" was a single mom with five kids who (at the time) was living with my next door neighbors, the older couple. It was Halloween and Connie was going to a party dressed as Wonder Woman. Prior to her event, she stopped by to show off her costume to my parents. I recall standing in my kitchen looking at Connie dressed as Wonder Woman and thinking how smashing she looked, she truly NAILED the costume.

As Connie stood in my kitchen doorway talking to my parents, something odd happened. A car was stopped in the intersection about 100 yards from my house. Two guys were attempting to get a young girl into their car. They had her by the arm and they were forcing her into the back seat of the car. The girl was yelling or screaming, she did not want to get into the car. As soon as the struggle became apparent to us, Connie started to yell at the boys. Then, within seconds, she started RUNNING towards the boys with the car. She safely got the young girl out of the car and saved the day!


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