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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Night

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I did nothing for Halloween this year. Normally, this would make me sad but it did not. Halloween was always "my Christmas" as I used to say. My dream was to one day have a wedding on Halloween. When I was young, I dreamed of a big masquerade party on Halloween to celebrate my darkest union. Now, Halloween is just Halloween and I am not as dramatic as I was in my misspent youth.

I prepared for my upcoming trip to Thailand and Istanbul this afternoon. I posted more stuff on Craigslist (I need extra money for the trip and I have much too much crap in my apartment). From there, I walked to the bank, to cash in the coins I've been collecting for months and months (I always collect coins and usually do something fun with whatever money is in the coffee cans). The teller asked if I'd like the coffee cans, I said, "yes" because they are illy coffee cans and I like the way they look. She also alerted me that one of my coins was a rare Silver Dollar coin and that perhaps I may want to keep it and so I did. I kept the rare silver dollar coin, I put it back into the illy coffee can. I also went to the pharmacy to fill my prescription and purchase some over the counter items. While at the pharmacy, an old lady offered a $100 tip to the pharmacist who was assisting her. He turned the tip down even after she insisted he take it. There are a lot of rich, old people in this neighborhood, I imagine this lady spends 1/2 her day talking to the pharmacist.

After the bank, I went down to Calypso on Oak Street and purchased a short, silk, black, mini, skirt for my trip. It is lovely. I figured it would be great for summer in Bangkok with sandals and fall in Istanbul with boots.

This one is not quite like the one I purchased...but wishful thinking...

By 3pm, I gathered many missing items I needed for this trip to Thailand, such as a Tide Pen, Charmin Wipes (just in case), my prescription refills (anxiety), Wet Ones, Alcohol Swabs (I plan to clean my nose out with alcohol swabs during the flight so I don't have to worry about swine flu), Tums, Benadryl
, batteries, Ear Drops, soap, lotion, Vitamins, etc., etc.

And my beautiful kitchen
Packing for Thailand

I then headed to starbucks where I pretended to work (on what I am not sure). This trip has kept my mind flowing in various directions, none of those directions point to WORK. I need to really wrap things up tomorrow as I know I will be losing my mind on Monday. On Monday I leave for Thailand.

Later that day...
I had dinner at Mercadito in River North, it was very nice. I came home and tried on my new skirt with boots and then with sandals - testing both the summer and fall visions I had for the skirt. I then phoned my mother and then I phoned my father. This is normal, I speak to my parents daily, more than anyone else I know. Around 9:30p, I phoned my friend Matt, the person I speak to the most after my father and my mother. Matt and I usually spend an hour or more on the phone. We discussed which movie or movies I should watch this evening.

I poured a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, it was horrid. In an effort to tame the flavor of this horrid wine, I put a frozen strawberry in it and added an ice cube along with a splash of soda water to make it a wine spritzer. The horrid wine soon had the characteristics of a beverage worthy of my taste buds, however, I would hardly call it wine. It was more like a strawberry wine cocktail.

The movies on my roster are all of a sexual nature. A few weeks back, I was watching the Independent Film Channel, they had special on sex in indy film. They took a look at ten different films, I put them all on my Netflix. I am currently on film number five. I decided to watch both films tonight, one was significantly better than the other (well, so far, I am in the middle of number two as I type this).

The movie was called Romance and I believe it was a book turned into a film. Or perhaps once a play. The dialogue was excellent, or the narration, I figured it could only be this way had it once been a book. And, it had to be written by a woman because the thoughts, the sexual thoughts, were so intensely feminine. In fact, I imagine this movie would make most men uncomfortable. I would HIGHLY recommend Romance.

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