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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankgiving With The Arsan's - it is not pretty

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On Thanksgivng, I arrived at my dad's ON TIME and my dad (of course) was not ready. He is never ready. Whenever my dad hosts dinner for any occasion, he opens the door in a towel. He apologizes and then goes into his room to get ready.

Next, my brother and I are in the kitchen. My brother, who arrived a few hours early, did nothing and instead waited for me to get there to set the table. Once I got there, I decided to video tape the mayhem.

Next we sit down at the dinner table, and inevitably, my dad has chairs at his dining room table that are broken. He warns his guests who are about to sit in the broken chairs to be "careful." He always starts every meal with this spicy tortellini soup that everyone loves.

My brother and I like to play jokes on my dad, this time we tried to get him to suck the Nitros Oxide from a can of whip cream. He had no idea what to expect but.. Nothing came out of the can so he was safe.

At the end of the night, my brother packs up his leftovers. In my humble opinion, my brother is hysterical!

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