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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stars I Have Met More Than Once

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I am sitting at Starbucks writing an article for a stupid website I have been trying to develop for a million years. I finally gave myself a deadline of Valentine's Day but my attention span has hit the wall. I am just too thorough, I have to look up every detail when I write, so I am taking a break.

I was just thinking, I always want to brag about the stars I have coincidentally met more than once. What better way to brag than write a blog post. Blogs are mostly about the ego afterall - right?

Nicolas Cage. I had dinner with him twice. Once when I was in Dallas, Texas. Nic Cage was then married to Lisa Marie Presley and I was in Dallas for the Paul McCartney concert. I was staying at The Mansion and having dinner at the restaurant. Nic Cage & his wife, Lisa Marie Preseley, they sat at the table next to me.

I had dinner with Nic Cage a second time in Chicago. This was before he married the Asian waitress. I was having dinner at Gibson's in Chicago and he was seated a few tables over with about seven others. He kept going into the kitchen to talk on the phone. That was the second time I had dinner with Nicolas Cage. Clearly, I never actually met Nicolas Cage, I just happened to be having dinner less than 10 ft. away from him two times in two years. I have not seen Nic Cage since he got married to that Asian waitress - coincidence? I think not.

Wayne Newton. The first time I met Wayne Newton was in Las Vegas - surprising? Probably not. I was in Vegas (with my boyfriend at the time) on a Monday or Tuesday. We were up all night playing craps and it must have been early in the morning. We were heading back up to our room from the craps tables and all of a sudden, there was Wayne Newton. He was in the lobby of our hotel filming the movie "Las Vegas Vacation".

The next time I met Wayne Newton was at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. My grandmother was admitted to the hospital because she had a stroke. At the hospital they gave her ambian to which she had a CRAZY reaction and attacked the nurses. My family had to be by my grandmother's side constantly so she wouldn't do anything too nutso (she was also suffering from dementia). During that hysteria was when I met Wayne Newtwon the second time.

I took a break from my grandma's side and took a walk in the halls. Wayne Newton's daughter (I believe it was his daughter) was in the room down the hall from my grandma and he was taking a walk with his daughter. He is very, very tall in real life & has really black hair. Oh, and one other thing, judging by what he looked like in daylight - Wayne Newton could probably kick your ass.

Rod Stewart. This one is not really fair because he was staying in Chicago for a week and I ran into him multiple times in that week. I bring it up because there is a funny story that goes with my Rod encounter. It was the late 90s and I was going out on the town a lot. My friend Burton and I had been to several bars and restaurants over the course of that week and ran into Rod Stewart. Finally, after running into Rod Stewart for the fourth time, we were at The Whiskey on Rush Street. Rod Stewart walked into the establishment. Right as Rod walked past our table, my friend Burton (who had a bit of a drug habit in the 90s) stood up out of his chair and yelled "WHY IS ROD STEWART FOLLOWING ME?!?" It was really funny. A true Burton moment. I could write a whole blog on Burton, so many Burton moments.

Other famous people I met once in passing:
  • Liz Phair - the coat check at The Metro for a Dogstar show. I whispered "You Rock" in her ear. Sounds totally creepy but I loved her so much but didn't want to be weirdo star stalker - so instead, I was just a weirdo.

  • Billy Murray at Pops for Champagne, he was drunk & hysterical. Totally hanging out with people in the bar. I so badly wanted to ditch my lame date and hang with Bill Murray

  • Norm MacDonald at a diner in Chicago. I didn't know it was him and I said "You know, you look just like Norm MacDonald". He said, "hi, what's your name?" I became thorougly annoyed and then after five minutes realized I was talking to THE ACTUAL Norm MacDonald. Then I got all weird and said "I love Artie Lange" because I didn't know what else to say.

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