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Saturday, December 5, 2009

True Pimp Story

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My True Pimp Story 

I recently noticed that my readership has gone down and I know why. People like my stories and I have not been dishing out the stories. So to remedy the situation, I'm sharing my true pimp story with you.

I stayed in tonight and watched A Clockwork Orange and Scent of a Woman. After a few glasses of wine, I began to think, I need a good story for my blog. Then I started watching a documentary, American Pimp. That's when it dawned on me... I'll share MY pimp story.

Rapper Pimp C
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Back in the mid 90s, the stretch of North Avenue near the river was once famous for street hookers. Where you now shop for fancy fancy groceries at Whole Foods, you could once shop for sex. Ladies (and lady-boys) walked up and down North Avenue trying to make a buck - in rain or shine and in sleet or snow. Cars would stop and girls would walk up to the window, like in the movies. Everyone knew about it, cops knew about it, even my mom knew about it - it was just the way that it was.

After I graduated college (no, I did not have a pimp) I worked as a bartender for a few years. I was about 23 when I started dating a guy who owned a bar in Chicago. His bar was located on that same stretch of North Avenue.

at maddog
Dancing at a Chicago Nightclub circa 1996-1997
That's my curly black hair (I'm wearing a slip I purchased 2nd hand as a dress)

Although my then boyfriend's bar was in the thick of where the hookers stood, for some reason the girls never went inside the bar. I don't know if the ladies were afraid of the patrons or if they were too busy working the street? Whatever the reason, they never set foot inside the bar and they rarely caused trouble unless you messed with them first.

One night, my boyfriend calls me and says he has a problem and doesn't know what to do. This was a guy who always knew what to do, so when I got a call like that, it couldn't be good. Turned out his problem was a pimp.

I really like this picture

The bar opened at 8 o'clock every night. One of the pimps started coming inside when the bar opened to have drink while his girls worked outside. He did nothing wrong, he bothered nobody but every night, right at 8 o'clock, he came in and sat at the bar.

This took place over a decade ago, so I don't remember it well and I only saw the pimp once, but he always wore a suit and a clear shower cap. I can't be certain about the details of his hair, all I know is that he wore a shower cap with a suit and sat in the middle of the bar and sipped his drink. It was clear that he was a pimp.

My then boyfriend was concerned because the pimp was freaking out his staff and he was freaking out customers. But because the pimp was not doing anything wrong, he had no reason to ask him to leave.

On the pimp's fourth or the fifth visit, my then boyfriend approached him. He politely asked the pimp to finish his drink and exit the bar. The pimp made no refusal. He finished his drink, left the bar quietly and never came back. I guess when you're in the pimp business, you understand when businesses don't want your business.

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