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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Year in Review - Personal

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To pay respect to 2009, I wanted to write a blog post reflecting back on the year from a personal perspective. I will also write a reflective blog post from a professional perspective (though some of these will overlap). I think it is best to post as a list.

  • I spent a lot more time with my dad. Even more than usual (I normally see him once, I now spend about 2-3 days a week hanging out with the old man. I work from his office about once a week and in this time, I realized, he is hilarious. More hilarious than I previously could have imagined.
  • I was able to take an amazing trip to Thailand and Turkey this year. I always wanted to visit Thailand (wish I could have stayed more than one week) so it was a nice dream trip come true. I visited a gay bar in Chiang Mai where I was instantly crowned a princess and given a Tiara.
  • princess in a gay bar in Chiang Mai

  • While in Turkey, I was able to meet my cousin's daughter for the first time. I was also able to make some nice connections with the W Hotel in Istanbul and the brand new Four Season's in Istanbul
  • Four Seasons, Bosphorus

  • I met my web pen pal of thirteen years, Vivek, in person. We met in 1996 in a Duran Duran chat room and we chatted nearly every night after. Vivek was able to come to the US in 2009 and stayed with me for one week in Chicago.
  • I became more heavily engrossed in Sunday Morning Soliloquy and started to take it more seriously. I went to multiple blogging conferences, I printed business cards for my blog (weird for me at first but people love them - or they secretly mock me - in either case - whatever). I was able to build a presence for this blog, a blog that talks about nothing in specific and everything in general. What's the point? I like to contribute useful information on Social Media Marketing. It helps contribute to my personal brand and it actually gives me a better understanding of how online marketing works in various capacities. Plus, I have a place to sound off, and, I like learnin'.
  • I grasped the idea of creating a Personal Brand and worked to develop that persona. It is a notion I am uncomfortable with because I am a horrible self promoter but it is a necessary evil when you work in marketing, (especially when you're out on your own like me).
  • I had some nice "wins" and some really nice "near wins" in business. I was given the opportunity to pitch some really nice pieces of business, some of the best ones I did not get but I was happy enough to be considered a viable enough candidate.
  • I went to Vegas a couple of times (I love Vegas). One of those trips was for BlogWorld, which was great!
  • Since we're on the subject, I also went to Blogher
  • I dated a "dude" for a few months. It was like the movie 50 First Dates, we dated for four months but each time I felt like I was meeting him for the first time. He was so one dimensional, he bored me to tears. Oh, that's a good post, the worst dates of 2009!
  • My grandmother died. She was really old and suffered from dementia so it was for the best. It was really difficult on my mom and I wish I had supported her better though the whole thing.
  • Had an incredible time at Lollapalooza and covered all three days on my blog
  • I made Twitter my whole life. Yes, I am serious. In 2009, my life started to revolve around Twitter and I am proud to say it! I made so many new connections thanks to Twitter - some of the best professionals I've met in a long time. It is the best networking tool I have ever stumbled upon. Speaking of, I created a StumbleUpon account along with every other social bookmarking site.
  • I met Chris Brogan and Chad Vader - that's not an accomplishment, I'm just sayin'
  • I met Amanda Chapel - now that IS an accomplishment
  • I got into a big fight with an angry mob of Mommy Bloggers That one hurt a little, they're mean!
  • I quit drinking for a month (but I do this a lot, I like to test my will power)
  • I finally discovered Pandora
  • I got a Mac
  • I coined the term "Lostafarian" - a LOST reference. If you love Lost as much as I do, you're a Lostafarian.
  • I would say the best part of '09 has been realizing what is most important in my life (and it is not the material things). I had less in '09 than I did in '99 but it is the happiest I have been in a long time. I never allowed myself to get upset by the economy or my economic situation. Instead, I stayed very positive and put my energy into picking up new skills. I have wonderful friends, I feel good about the ones I kicked off the Island and the new ones I've brought onto the Island.
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