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Monday, January 4, 2010

2000 - 2009: a Decade in Review

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I totally forgot that we just celebrated a WHOLE decade passing. People kept asking "Where were you ten years ago?" and it dawned on me, a whole decade has passed (sometimes I am slow). I wanted to take some time and think about the past decade. It took me a while...but finally, it is here!

This was a horrible year for most of us. The economy tanked and everyone's hopes, dreams, retirement and homes went into the toilet. For me, it was a year of reflection and realizing what is important and realizing (once again) that it takes a lot to take me down. Additionally, I was able to travel to Thailand. A trip I've been meaning to take for some time. This was the year I also made a ton of new friends on Twitter! FOLLOW ME! Maybe we can be friends in '10.

me and elephant

I started this blog. And, as a result, I finally became the number one "Leyla Arsan" on the Google. (I used to be on page 10 thanks to the other Leyla Arsan who is the CEO of something important I presume). I changed jobs. I lost the job I changed to. My dad was hospitalized after a stress test and then my boyfriend broke up with me via text message. It was awesome.

It was the year of Dina Lohan - that was what I called myself this particular year. I cleaned out the friend bin, dumped a bunch of old friends. I met Monica (she is 10 years my junior) and we became very close friends. I found myself going out with 24-year-olds and having a great time. It was the first time in years that I was not hanging out with bitter, 30-something-year-old women who were angry because they were single OR angry because their husbands sucked. I, jokingly, re-named myself "Dina Lohan" because of what I just described, hanging out with people much younger than I. It was this year that we also got our dog Friday - he is a blue pit bull.

leyla monica

leyla monica too

Sake Bombs at Sushi Samba

Winter Friday

I remodeled my condo. My dad turned 70 and my brothers and I took a family trip to Turkey with our father. I met my friend Traci. Traci was a client who became a very close friend.

my kitchen 2

Family at Dinner

I took a trip to Turkey with my mom and my brothers. I met my good friend Ellen. I was nominated the President of the Junior Board of the Chicago Film Festival. I think no one else wanted the job, so I got stuck with it. I opened a Friendster and a MySpace account. That was when I got hooked on, what is now commonly referred to as, Social Media.

Leyla and Ellen

While working for Accenture, I worked the "Accenture Matchplay." I walked the course and watched Tiger Woods golf about six rounds. But this was a particularly difficult year for me. I broke up with the significant other from '02 - '03. I left Accenture and took the job at Sushi Samba. It seemed like a terrible idea at the time but turned out to be a good thing. 2004 was a milestone year in terms of (once again) self-reflection and realizing that sometimes a bad thing can sometimes be a good thing.

Exs are just that

I took a trip for 7 1/2 weeks around the world with my then significant other. We returned from the trip, we broke up and got back together. I got a job working for Accenture in their Marketing Communications department. Finally making the switch to the ever-so-coveted "client side" of the business.

I met the significant person with whom I've ever been linked to romantically (to date). I was laid off from the company I really enjoyed. I started working for DDB (again) almost immediately after my layoff from the previous job. I turned 30. I felt like a princess.

boyfriend of old

Another really good year. I started working for a company I really enjoyed. I got to go to the MTV Awards for work. I traveled to London (alone), it was my first trip there, I loved it. The "complicated" relationship I was in that year ended as one would have expected, poorly. I met my friend Jen. I became a homeowner. Closed on my first condo two days after September 11th. After September 11th, I think all of our lives changed. Not because we now lived in a society coded by colors but because we felt so much closer to one another as a country. That all changed a short, few years later.

Mtv Awards

jen and leyla

This was a great year for me... I ran the Chicago Marathon. I lost 20 lbs while training for the marathon and the training put everything into focus and I just got better at life in general. I planned my 10 year reunion from High School. I was working in advertising but took a second job working for Charlie Trotter's restaurant. I enjoyed working at Trotter's more than my day job. This was also the year my friend Dean moved back to NY and my friend Jen got married. Leaving me without a worthy partner in crime.

Leyla's Butt

New Year's Eve 2001

The North Face

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