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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Review of Rebound Tag

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Rebound Tag is a product which I received from a third party to review. I loved the idea of the product, a Microchip powered bag tag that tracks lost luggage, so I asked if I could give it a go. Sadly, the product did not reach me before my two week, international trip where I took four legs of international flights. Thankfully, my luggage was not lost on any of those legs so I could not have put Rebound Tag to the test. What would be nice is if Rebound Tag made chips I could have put on my stolen camera.

rebound tag

After reading through the materials I received, examining the tag and spending about fifteen minutes reading through their website, here are my initial thoughts:
  • Great concept, a product everyone who travels would want
  • Well priced. $25 gets you the tag and membership for three years
  • The tag itself is well designed and looks sturdy
  • Easy to register

However, as I read through the site, I was not 100% convinced that this product would work. They talk about the technology but leave out the human error factor. You still have to rely on (potentially careless) airport, baggage handlers to enter your lost tag information into a system.

That was the other thing, I did not understand exactly how the bags were going to be tracked. I looked through the FAQs 2X and from what I could gather, an airport or airline worker must find the lost bag and then enter the tag information into a system. The RFID technology (yeah, I wondered what that was too - Radio Frequency ID) and a bar code on the Tag gets scanned and goes to the Rebound Tag system which spits out an email and an SMS (text message) to your mobile alerting you of your bags whereabouts.

The biggest hiccup is that there are only 20 airports who are participating in the program right now. And, of those 20 airports, we still have to count on someone actually caring enough to run your Tag's bar code into their system.

My bottom line? One thing I did not like about the site, at the bottom they mention the person or company who built the site. I hate when web designers pimp their work on someone else's page. If you're good enough, someone will inquire about your work OR you can use the site in your portfolio. I would never hire a designer who put their name on my site.

BUT...REGARDING REBOUND TAG THE PRODUCT. I think it is still worth purchasing the product. The tag costs $25 and if the are working to get more airports into the system, eventually, it could be very useful and valuable product. I would like to run a test and lose a piece of cheap luggage at a participating airport (they do not mention which ones are in their system on the site) to see how well their system actually works. Next trip! Who's buying?

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