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Monday, February 8, 2010

28 Days of Blogging - The Scott Bishop Challenge

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I've decided to take the Scott Bishop Challenge. Scott Bishop, AKA Real Time Marketer, is someone I met on Twitter, someone I like IRL and someone who's business and marketing ideas I respect. For the month of February, Scott decided to blog everyday - get it, 28 Days of Blogging. I think it was a slight cop out since Scott picked the shortest month of the year.

There were many thoughts behind the 28 Days of Blogging process, one of which was to measure the results of daily posts. Scott challenged other bloggers to take the Scott Bishop Challenge (btw, I have renamed it the Scott Bishop Challenge, he did not call it this) and I am accepting this challenge. Here is the difference between Scott and me - Scott writes great posts on Social Media and other marketing topics. I, on the other hand, write about oat meal, ex-boyfriends, boat whores and social media and marketing.

Post 1 of the 28 Days of Blogging Challenge

I've been eating oat meal since I was a little kid, always Quaker Oats in the little packets, peaches and cream is one of my favorites. When I was a little girl, I ate oat meal all the time. Young Leyla refused to eat anything but oat meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner. My mother grew so frustrated with Young Leyla that she had to convince me that an oat meal tree would grow in my stomach if I continued to eat oat meal for every meal. I still remember being afraid of the oat meal tree growing in my stomach.

In any case, as an adult, I still eat oat meal. It is a quick and filling way to start the day. I bring a packet to work, warm it up in the microwave and I am good to go until lunch time. My ONLY complaint was that Quaker Oats flavored packets of oat meal were too sweet! I would buy a box of plain and a box of flavored oat meal and mix them 1/2 and 1/2.

Finally, Quaker Oats has come to the conclusion that there are other people, like me, who think there is WAY TOO much sugar in the flavored packets of oat meal. The good people at Quaker Oats have come up with a flavored oat meal with 1/2 the sugar. Dear Quaker Oats, thank you for finally making an oat meal with 1/2 the sugar. The oat meal is still on the sweet side but FAR LESS sweet than the full sugar version.

These are the types of posts you can expect from me on the 28 Day Blogging Challenge

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