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Monday, February 1, 2010

MacSpecialist Event

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Last week was my busy week filled with events. I had the SUSHISAMBA Tweetup (which you already read about because you subscribe to my blog and read every word I write because you love me - uncontrollably) and I attended the "Let's Create" event run by @big_teeth and @timjahn and finally I had the MacSpecialist event.

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I worked with the guys from the MacSpecialist store when they had their grand opening party for the Chicago store (located at 500 N. Wells Street). This time around, their event was a customer event and an anniversary party celebrating their third anniversary. They had 10 vendors displaying product and providing demonstrations. There were a plethora of prizes that were given away too - headphones, an Abelton Live Suite (I should know what this is, I think it is DJ stuff), I think an iPod, speakers and a hard drive.

The event took place at District (a bar on west Ohio Street in Chicago). There were a total of 400 invites sent out to existing customers and potential new customers. There was delicious food and cocktails for invited guests to enjoy. Two different DJs took turns "spinning" music and lots of mingling and checking out product.

I planned the event. Found the venue. Negotiated the contract. Worked with the internal person to make sure everything went smoothly. Selected the menu. Managed the budget. Rented all the materials necessary to get the "booths" for the vendors set up. Set up & broke down on the day of the event. I also helped promote the event to the right audience, gather additional people to attend the event who had not previously heard of MacSpecialist.

Overall, I think it was a great success for MacSpecialist. People were happy, most of the people in the room were supposed to be in the room (as opposed to people being in the room for the free booze) and everyone mingled with the vendors checking out their product.


Christopher Trottier said...

Kudos! I know how hard it is to plan an event -- but at least you did so with sexy gadgets.

leyla said...

Thank you Christopher! It was fun