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Friday, February 12, 2010

My Non-Expert, Briefly Researched Post on Measuring Social Media

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I get a lot of questions from friends, potential clients and curious cats on how to measure social media. I have my own methods and tools to measure social media and other online marketing efforts and how they returning. My methods usually take a lot of time, multiple steps, and a lot of effort. My method is my personal ritual and I am a slave to my rituals. I know there are more efficient way of measuring social media, therefore, for future reference, and to quell the curiosity of the cats, I decided to take a quick look-see at what was out there and report back.

Take a look at my research, I am fairly good with research. I had a nice head start, I read what everyone else always writes on this topic. I know I didn't get all of the products out there THEREFORE, I encourage all comments and feedback! I'd love to know more too! Do my research FOR ME, if I missed something important let me know.

One thing I can say about all, or most, of these products is that they all measure in similar ways. The scan Twitter and (what they can of) Facebook. Others scan a lot more - including blogs and traditional news sources. You can learn who is talking about you or your brand online. Or where your customers are hanging out online. Some of these products have tools where you can "engage" with your customers and others do not. Price is directly relatd to the products capabilities.

Here are my non-expert findings in no particular order:

Radian 6
  • Perhaps the leader in this field, one can see from their home page that they have some major clients
  • They have a plethora of free information on their website - I strongly encourage anyone who has an interest in Social Media to take a look at their site as it is informative
  • Sophisticated graphs and charts which are well designed and easy to read (see below)
  • They scan 100 million sites and sources (blogs, photos, etc.)
  • Metrics and filtering - filter by sentiment, engagement, reach, inbound links, vote count and comment count
  • Customizable "Influencer" scores - you can score people based upon their influence
  • Engagement tools
  • Proprietary crawlers and 3rd party crawlers
  • You can segment your data by region (IP address and domain) or media type
What sets Radian6 apart is (IMHO) is their ability to integrate with other platforms
  • Ability to integrate with I believe you can import your leads directly into (if you have an account with them)
  • WebTrends and Omniture integration - as well as
  • You will have to reach out to Radian6 for pricing but from what I understand, they do not require a contract, you can pay as you go


radian 6 case_2

  • "Engage, Monitor, Analyze" - or so it says on their site
  • Fully integrated PR software solution allows you to monitor, analyze traditional media, bloggers and social media
  • Allows for news distribution (which, I don't believe the others do)
  • Broadest online distribution in the US (according to their website
  • Open architecture allows you to monitor millions of sites (they do not say whether it is proprietary or a third party tool)
  • Analyze your online reputation with dozens of charts

------ I have no graphs for Vocus ------ sorry -------

  • Recently acquired by Jive Software
  • See what others are saying about your company in real time
  • Monitors 1000s of news sources and consolidates into one dashboard
  • Allows users to engage with whom they're measuring
  • Their tool allows you to "reduce noise" by dialing down your filter - you can opt to read articles with a higher "score" or articles which are more relevant
  • Daily briefing emails
  • Web Metrics - integration with and
  • Monitors mainstream news

  • Monitors top blog sights: TechCrunch, Huffington Post, Technorati and Google Blog Search

  • Monitors Twitter, Friendfeed and limited monitoring of Facebook (or what is public on FB, which is probably ONLY status updates of public accounts)

  • Unlimited number of search terms and results per your monthly fee (again, contact Filtrbox for pricing)

  • They also have great charts (see below)

What I liked best about Filtrbox was working with Michael Fraietta. Michael was super helpful, interested in the subject matter, he was interested in working with me and I knew he read my Twitter feed. For me, that goes a long way. When I know I can pick up the phone and talk to someone who understands my problems, I like that.
Jive002 Jive001
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