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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

People I Stalk Online - Obsessively

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I really don't think I need to get into my background and love for the Internet, I've talked about that a lot here in this blog. My career started in the ad agency world working in event marketing and I have almost always been employed in that field. In the past few years (about four years), I have become overwhelmingly smitten with social media. Though, I was online probably WAY before most of you were (early 90s thanks to @mknox999 and my bro-ham) I started to use MySpace for work in '05, sourcing bands, DJs and other talent, and it just has not stopped for me.

In the early days of web surfing, I joined newsgroups, posted on message boards, made friends in chatrooms. Some of those friends I am still friends with to this day (15 years later). But this post is about the present.

Today, I stalk people on Twitter, on Facebook and on their blogs. I was thinking about it today (I think about my blog NON STOP since I joined the @thescottbishop 28 days of blogging challenge) I follow people's lives online. I don't even care that much about Celebrity Gossip any longer, these days, I find myself fascinated with every day folk.

I decided to showcase three of my favorite Internet Personalities for you....
Two of these three people I met online. The third, I met IRL and became OBSESSED with online. He is going to find out TONIGHT that I am obsessed with him. I hope you're as strong as you look Scott, because guess what, I am obsessed with you.

They are all my favorites, all for various reasons, but not in any particular order. I will start with the most weird and work my way backwards (or whatever).

Joe Winett AKA @aBigHairySpider
  • I am not sure how I came across Joe online but since the time we met, I've become his "Nemesis"
  • He is totally strange and more than likely a liar
  • He was most recently homeless - which was sad but entertaining in Internet-Land
  • I like to see Joe win, but at the same time, I like to see Joe suffer
  • I sometimes stay up until the wee hours of the morning reading Joe's blog, mostly in disbelief
  • I like Joe's artwork
  • Deep down, though we live 1000s of miles away, I feel a closeness with Joe which I cannot explian

Here is some of Joe's finest work


Joe Loves Jennifer Anniston

joe loves jenny

Joe and I have become quite close
joe and I have become quite close

My next online obsession also comes from Twitter. Like Joe, she lives 1000s of miles away, therefore, we have never met. Yet I obsess over her and her life online. We've added each other on Facebook and I often find myself gazing at her photos wondering what it would be like to be her friend. What would it be like to sit on those Manhattan rooftops drinking cheap beer under the stars mocking people from the Midwest.

She is @TwittsMcGee. And she will be famous one day.
  • She lives in Manhattan
  • She is a concierge in a large mid-town hotel (if you've ever stayed in a "large" mid-town hotel, you can understand where she gets her material)
  • Her tweets are to-die-for funny
  • Her humor is quite simple, if you do not "get" her humor it is likely because you suck
  • I probably give her way too much credit but that's OK because she makes my days go by more enjoyably



My last and final online obsession is....Scott!
Scott and I met OFFLINE first (I know, that is a rarity for me). He and I met through a mutual friend and he made a Kanye West joke directed towards me because I speak too much, think I am more important than everyone else and have a tendency to cut others off. Like we learned about the whole Kanye and Taylor Swift scenario.... I, similar to Kanye, am usually right.

In any case, I find myself spending HOURS on Scott's facebook page looking at his phototshopped pictures. He makes me wish I could have lunch inside his brain with his glorious talent.

Scott is VERY strong
scott rench

Scott likes piglets (he nurtures them before he eats them.... as bacon)
scott rench and pig

There you have it! My Internet Obsessions REVEALED!

My prediction....

The next internet phenomena will follow "Reality TV". Brands will find regular people to give marketing dollars to more and more often than they already do. Not just in blogs but on their social media sites and in their photo streams and Flickr. People will start to receive sponsorship dollars to sell brand's products to friends and family in their facebook. We will will make internet personalities "famous" just so we can continue to sell things to random individuals.

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