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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This Valentine's Day - Video Tape The One You Love

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Just kidding! Sort of.
I am still on my daily blogging schedule and as the day is coming to a close and I got a little desperate. I saw The Flip newsletter for February in my inbox and thought, "Ah ha! Blog post!". The adorable hearts on the Flip handheld camera made me think of Valentine's Day and then I thought I would get a little cheeky. That is when threw in the video tape your lover on Valentine's Day bit. You can if you want to, please just don't send me the footage.

In case you have not already had an opportunity to play with a Flip camera, here is an older post I wrote on the Flip. I still don't have one, I borrowed a friend's camera on my trip to Thailand. You can check out my awesome YouTube channel here. You certainly get better at holding the camera still the more you shoot.

I have a nice post for tomorrow, I spent a bunch of time today doing some research so hopefully I will gain some credibility when you've all read that post. In the meantime, I will continue to fill time and space with meaningless things I like. Much like my Twitter feed.

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