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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mozy Online Backup

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I never really thought about backing everything up online, well, I thought about it for like ONE SECOND. It sounds like a good idea but I never did it.

When you start to think about how much money you spend on music, all your photos, and other personal items on your computer it starts to make sense. If you work for yourself AND everything is on your laptop or desktop, it starts to make even more sense. I occasionally back everything up to an external drive but not nearly as often as I should.

Now that I have so many files on my laptop, I am starting to think more seriously about a web based server where all my things live. My brother just quit his job and he is going to be "mobile" for the next year. He is going to live in LA for a month, move to Argentina for four months and then probably NY or back to LA. He needed a place to keep all of his files. If he doesn't have his laptop on him, he can still pull files from his back-up and work from anywhere. This also frees him from having to lug his laptop everywhere he goes.

I was looking into Mozy because some of my Twitter friends were asking about it. Mozy Online Backup is free, automatic and secure. They have a certain amount of storage that is free and the upgraded service starts at $4.95 per month, I believe. Currently, they have a promotion running for the month of MARCH. Act now! Use Code: MARCH for 10% off annual and biennial services

Or you can click here to try Mozy for FREE! I must admit, I haven't tried it yet but I think as soon as I hit "Publish Post" I am going to visit Mozy for the free trial.

Free backup is finally here.  Mozy Remote Backup.

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