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Monday, April 12, 2010

Ask Sunday Personal Assistant Service

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If you think I sit around and look for things to write about with the word "Sunday" incorporated in some way, you're kinda right. As I've mentioned in the past, I use Google Analytics to get the most out of my blog posts. That can mean various things, but in this particular case, I am talking about keywords.

I check my keywords to see what is searched and often times, many key phrases with the word "Sunday" pop up. Therefore, when I saw I thought it would make for a perfect blog post. Very befitting.

So what is Basically, it is a personal assistant service. An online service where one can outsource work on a monthly fee basis.

Want to use Social Networking but don't have the time? You can use an affordable AskSunday Assistant to manage your social networks! Now, I can't promise that they'll get it right, but with their affordable pricing, it may be worth giving it a shot.

Maybe you need a personal assistant for something a bit more simple? You can use for the following:
  • Database entry (Excel)
  • Internet research
  • Client & Vendor calls
  • Setting up repeat tasks

Learn more about our award-winning services!

Additionally, you can set up more traditional personal assistant tasks with
  • Speak to customer service reps
  • Set up appointments - make doctors & hair appointments
  • Coordinate and book travel plans with your travel agent
  • Order corporate gifts, flowers, etc. is located in Mid Town Manhattan but your personal assistant call center will reside in India. This helps you save money but we all know what this can mean - let's not jump to any conclusions until you give it a try. has received some very positive & mainstream press like on MSNBC. Time Magazine gave the 2nd Best Website of the Year. Hmmmm.

The pricing for also seems quite reasonable. Pricing starts at $97 and their most popular plan is just under $300 a month. Pricing is based on both the number of tasks and/or a monthly fee.

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