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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Foursquare Your Way To a Win

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It's about time I post ths blog entry about the social media scavenger hunt I created. The past three or four weeks I've been dedicated heavily on FIJI Water Urban Hunt. I've actually been working on it since late winter or early spring but these last few weeks have been non-stop. It is crunch time!


FIJI Water Urban Hunt

Let's take a non-formal approach and talk about the event and about how I developed the event. I will tell you about the event itself, and break down what it is all about, but I will likely lose you somewhere in the middle. I hope not...just try to stay with me until the end. It is important that you try to stay with me here so you can get the whole picture.

The Event
It is part scavenger hunt, it is similar to Geocaching, part challenge, part race and all fun. Oh yeah, and you win prizes and we celebrate your awesome-ness by creating a team bio, we then share the team bio with 1000s of others online leading up to the FIJI Water Urban Hunt, after the race/challenge is complete, we celebrate with a badass post-event party.

The game itself is pretty simple. Teams must "apply" to participate and they must meet a minimum requirement of social media fans and followers or friends. I caught some heat for this little rule but I will explain to you WHY I made this a rule. I won't lie, it helps drive more attention to the businesses who are sponsoring this event. That is a fact. But when did it become such a bad thing to reward a business who is in support of a cool event? And another thing, I am not asking for people with 1000s of followers, I am looking for people with a couple hundred followers, which is about average. And, ONLY the Team Captain needs the followers, the side-kick can doesn't need a minimum.

The main reason I am targeting people with a larger followership or friendship online is because I have found that those with larger social networks tend to perform and enjoy events like the FIJI Water Urban Hunt more. They are natural connectors, they like to talk about themselves and they like to share with others the cool stuff that they discovered first. The game is going to be more fun when people with larger networks are participating. That is the honest truth. There will be more more jive-talking, a "bring it" mentality and more activity online for people at home to follow.

The game and how it is played. On race day, teams of two arrive at the starting location SUSHISAMBA where they will receive a list of items they must find. At 3:00 PM, the whistle is blown and 100 social-media-maniacs are let lose into the city to find what they can, tweet what they will, post embarrassing pics and hopefully take some cool videos. When they get to each location on the list, they "check-in" on Foursquare to receive a point and write a "tip" for bonus points. From there, they share that check in with their social networks for additional points.

After the Foursquare check-in, there will be a task. This task can be one of many things. Maybe they need to row a kayak down the Chicago River and find something, take a picture. Once they find that "thing" or "item" they must post that picture or video to their social networks.

What's in it for the teams? Why should they bother? It is going to be both fun and challenging. Being a social media FANATIC myself, I love checking in on Foursquare for no reason at all, but on this day, teams can win prizes: a year of home delivery service from the best water ever, FIJI Water, an iPad, they can win a one-night stay at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, four White Sox tickets, they can win gift certificates to incredible restaurants downtown.

The FIJI Water Urban Hunt will also provide them with a One-Day CTA Pass and a Shoreline Water Taxi pass so they can take a lovely boat ride to Navy Pier if they so wish. Maybe there will be a task that involves the water taxi, I cannot say at this point in time.

After a day of running around the most incredible summer-city in the world, Chicago, teams wrap it up at SUSHISAMBA who will host the after-party that is sponsored by VeeV Vodka and Northeast Cooling. (Thank you @refrigeration)

What do the businesses get? On the list will be items sponsored by local businesses. Businesses do pay a sponsorship fee to be a part of the event and in return they are rewareded with user-generated-content. Sponorship fee is reasonable and depending on their level of sponsorship, in ONE DAY, the businesses will receive about 25,000 interactive, impressions online. Not bad for a lazy, Saturday in August.

I absolutely did not accept sponsorship from any one business who was not willing to make this into a fun event for the participants. The moment I sensed someone was too sell-y, I backed off because I knew they weren't right for the event. Every business who is participating thought "Wow, this is a great idea, I want to be a part of this." Each business is committed to providing a memorable experience for the teams.

There are also many items on the list that are not sponsored but partners of the event. These items are on the list to ensure that the teams truly enjoy this experience.

What else...
  • The cost of entry is $35 per person, that gets you everything you will need for the day (CTA pass, Water Taxi pass) plus a cool backpack and entrance to the after-party
  • Oh man, I cannot afford $35 right now. Just DM @FIJIhunt and we will find a company to sponsor your entrance fee
  • We do need volunteers, if you would like to help email INFO@THEURBANHUNT.COM
  • Sponsors receive "tweets" and Facebook updates on the FIJI Water Urban Hunt pages
  • Teams can grow their social media presence and promote their own businesses as we do the same for them - we tweet & promote their "Team profile" on our Facebook fan pages
  • Yes, there is still room for sponsors
  • There will be a camera crew going around and taking footage of the event for a post-event video that I will throw up on YouTube for the world to see
  • We do ask that participants leave their social network profiles PUBLIC on the day of the event
  • HELL YES, you should sign up and you should sign up NOW!

FIJI Water Urban Hunt

FIJI Water Urban Hunt Facebook Page


And don't forget about me - Lotus Marketing Services


Aj said...

Hey Leyla! I sooooo wish I could do this! It's just not going to work for me this weekend sadly. :( It just sounds like way too much fun! Of course, it's just on a weekend where I have no babysitters LOL. :(

I wish you the best of luck with this. I think the whole premise and idea is brilliant! You keep going girl! Let's put our heads together and think of the next event! I'd really LOVE to get more involved!


Aramide said...

This sounds totally awesome and I am definitely going to apply! I wish it was more than teams of 2, but I will still get my friends to sign up and we can all just be teams of 2. Can't wait!

Aramide said...

I am so excited about this event, and am definitely applying! I wish it was more than teams of 2, but I'm going to get my friends to sign up and we'll just split up into teams of 2. Can't wait!

Parissa Behnia said...

I love the creativity of this scavenger hunt! i have been tweeting and posting it on my company facebook page to let folks know... i'm sure it will be a great success!

JonnyVu said...

I'm still working on getting my teammate for this. I can't wait!