Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: My Visit to the Howard Stern Studio at Sirius XM

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Visit to the Howard Stern Studio at Sirius XM

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If you know me at all, you know that I love Howard Stern. I've been a fan for many years and I am a Sirius subscriber. My friends say that all of my stories lead to Howard Stern, which is partially true. Howard and I share beliefs on many subject matters. I believe that women who choose to exploit themselves for financial gain, should be welcome to do so, and I may mock them if they decide to put themselves out there in that fashion. I have many reasons for loving Howard that I simply cannot cover in one blog post but mostly it is because he is a good man and a funny man and a man I can relate to.

I arrived in New York on Sunday morning for the Affiliate Summit (East Coast) and I have been checking in here and there in NYC. Last night, I received a tweet from @jimimcclure that said, "Are you in NY?" And I couldn't believe I had forgotten to tell him that I was coming to NY! My brain was so loaded with thoughts about FIJI Water Urban Hunt that I completed blanked on New York.

Jim could only work in a quick tour of the station but that was OK by me. I am eternally grateful for the behind the scenes perspective of the Stern Show.

I just wanted to share this really exciting moment in my life with you all. I am a HUGE Stern fan and being able to visit the show and meet Jim, Richard Christy, Lisa G., Jon Hein and everyone else was a really big deal for me. If you knew me back in '04 when I almost made it on that really big Reality TV show, you know my WHOLE goal to get on the show was because Howard was interviewing the contestants that were kicked off.

Here are my pics! From Sirius XM Studio and the Howard Stern Show!

Arriving at the Sirius XM Building

I am walking up to the Sirius XM Building - Very Excited at this point

Meeting Jim McClure (aka Nic Cage)

Me and Jim McClure

The Howard TV Control Room
The Control Room for Howard TV

JD's Office - Love the "Wake Richard Christy" Note

In JDs office - his note to wake up Richard Christy at 3:45a

I Got to Meet Sal and (my hero) Richard Christy

Sal, Leyla & Richard Christy

They Even Wore Their Bababooey and Their Ronnie Masks For Me

Sal wearing the Gary Mask & Richard Christy wearing the Ronnie Mask

I Met The Whole Crew


What an amazing experience! Yay for Jim McClure and the Howard Stern Show staff! Love you love you!

Oh...and Ashley from Chicago was there too! She Miss Howard TV for September and we met on Twitter last week. It was kind of weird getting to meet her.

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