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Monday, August 9, 2010

What I Did This Weekend

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DISCLOSURE: Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors, I'm writing this post in five minutes

The past few weeks have been a bit crazy for me but things are starting to look even crazier! I am just a few days away from my highly anticipated (highly anticipated by me) even this weekend - the FIJI Water Urban Hunt. I worked most of the weekend but had some other things happen as well.

The backpacks for the FIJI Water Urban Hunt made it in! I was pretty thrilled with the outcome.

FIJI Water Urban Hunt team backpacks!

On Friday, I met @secndcitysoiree for a late afternoon (or early evening) cocktail and snack at SUSHISAMBA on Wells. We both had a drink from their new cocktail menu The "Caliente" and a plate of sushi.

SUSHISAMBA rio "Caliente" Cocktail

I then went to Starbucks on Friday night and worked with a very irritable @mknox999 until about 9PM. I don't know what he is more irritated with - me or me?

On Saturday starting at 10A, @mknox999 and I wen through the course for the FIJI Urban Hunt. We started out with the Kayaking (your job to figure out which of their three locations). But here's a hint, I paddled past some disgusting things in the the only body of water that flows backwards.

Kayak Chicago Class

The remainder of Saturday we worked at Whole Foods and then I went for a ride in my friend's new Lamborghini. We went to secure some more locations for the scavenger hunt in the Lamborghini - which is funny (to me since that car probably costs more than my condo).



And then on Sunday, I took the day time off. I went to Avec for dinner with @luluarroyo. Had a nice glass of wine (or two), a delicious meal finished off with a goat cheese.

Dinner at Avec the night of the fire

Cheese course at Avec

Around 8PM, I headed back to my "office" The Starbucks on Rush Street to get some more work finished. They closed before I could finish, so I then sat outside on the bench, in the dark and used the wifi. I looked like a homeless person with a MacBook Pro.

Working Late

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