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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hey, What's Been Going On? What Are You Up To?

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Thanks for asking, not much. I am trying to figure some stuff out, figure out what I am going to do next. I am contemplating writing a "professional blog" (blah), creating a separation between Loca-Leyla and Pro-Leyla. I took a short trip to Cincinnati and I really liked that town. I am in full-blown #nomakeupweek. I am participating in the Zip Cars #lowcardiet. I am doing my best to GET TO BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010. I am going to Cabo San Lucas in November with the ladies of #luxurychat. And, I am planning a big Wedding TweetUp in January for

When I was going through my analytics last week, I found some interesting keywords being searched by former business partners on my blog that made me think - maybe too much Leyla isn't such a good thing. Well, at least not for corporate brands. I don't think they realize that my honesty is probably what makes people like me, or not like me, but it is what gets them to read this silly blog of mine. Why would you come here if you didn't think I might say something crazy? I mean, I learned that about you all a long time ago, when I write things that are controversial or revealing, you guys read it. When I write about Google Analytics, you don't care. I just give the people what they want, don't kill the messenger. Raw = readership.

I'm not thrilled about having to create a separation but even I realize it is likely necessary if I want to be taken seriously. Plus, it will give me the opportunity to censor myself less in my personal blog and my personal Twitter handle. I will be like Barbie, Pro-Leyla and Loca-Leyla. Maybe I will take silly photos of myself in a suit for my "pro-blog". *sigh*

I took a trip to Cincinnati to see a football game. Listen, we all know I hate sports so let's not make anyone uncomfortable by asking for details. I had great seats and it was enjoyable. I did fall asleep in the 2nd half, it is not easy to drink beer from 10a.m. onward. The people in Ohio are crazy! Sports loving places are like foreign countries to me, a nice place to visit...but I wouldn't want to live there.

Partying with Revelers
Me posing with sports fans (It felt like I was ina foreign country)

Hiding behind my beer
Leyla at Bengals Game - hiding behind a beer

Skyline Chili - It's an Ohio Favorite
Ohio Chili

No Make Up Week
What is it? Well, my friend @rachelrabbit told me about it about two weeks ago. It is just a week where we (women) don't wear make-up all week. We can make of it what we like. I chose to write a bit about it in my blog and I tweet pics and post them to my Facebook page each morning. It's been fun, you can search Twitter for #nomakeupweek for more pics of other women participating.

No Make Up Week Day 2
No Make Up Week day 2

When make up week is over, I am going to treat myself to some awesome make-up. Dior DiorSkin AirFlash Spray Foundation Is the best stuff I've ever used I simply cannot say ENOUGH good stuff about Dior AirFlash!

And finally, what am I working on? Well, I have a few small projects keeping me afloat but I am looking for the NEXT BIG THING. Always. I am going to Cabo San Lucas in November with the ladies from #luxurychat - those details are coming soon. I need to find a new bathing suit for Cabo. Since I will be staying in a five star resort, I need something fancy but unless I lose some weight it will be the Miraclesuit Women's One-Piecefor this girl.

The Zip Car #lowcardiet I am participating in the program this month. I get $150 in driving credits from Zip Car, an XSport gym membership, Free BERRY CHILL and some other goodies too. I have to take a look at the full details, I am confused by the whole process. There are things I need to tweet and update on Facebook to gain points so I gotta get rollin'.

I am also planning a big Wedding TweetUp in January. That's going to be big party to kick off! I am excited about those plans. You can follow @chibachelorette for details.

So what are you up to these days? Leave a comment and let me know. Are you going to BlogWorld? If so, you can Save 10% on Thursday Only, Weekend or Full Access Passes for BlogWorld and New Media Expo 2010

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