Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: My Upcoming Trip to Exclusive Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Upcoming Trip to Exclusive Resorts in Cabo San Lucas

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Last week I wrote about my amazing meal at Graham Elliot and now I am going to tell you about my upcoming trip to Exclusive Resorts in Los Cabos.

On November 16th, I will be off to Cabo for a three day trip at Punta Ballena Residences, a tranquil paradise for the discerning traveler. Myself, along with the six other ladies who moderate #luxurychat the third Wednesday of each month at 5:30 EST, will be live-tweeting from the residences for a special two hour #luxurychat. You can follow us on Twitter by searching #luxurychat (don't forget to use the hashtag).


More About Exclusive Resorts

Exclusive Resorts was founded in 2002, Steve Case, the co-founder of AOL, is their Chairman and they have residences in 37 destinations. Exclusive Resorts has a portfolio of nearly 400 multi-million dollar luxurious, private residences and 3000+ members. The concept is to create a more rewarding vacation experience for their members.

How Does Club Membership Work?

Exclusive Resorts membership requires a one-time Membership Fee, 75% of which is refundable, and Annual Dues. Membership plans range from 10 to 60 vacation days per year, let members send their extended family on their own club vacations, and include simultaneous use of two homes to make large gatherings a reality. All members have access to the club's entire portfolio of residences, services and amenities.

Members can take advantage of vacationing in various desired locations, the amenities are top-notch and the personalized services that Exclusive Resorts offers are unparalleled. Each residence averages $3 million in value and each comes with its own special touch - such as private pools, personal chefs and personal concierges. Some amenities are included in the price of membership and dues and some special services have fees associated with them. For example: Private chefs are certainly available, but not complimentary. However, the breakfast service made by the housekeepers in the morning is complimentary (minus the cost of groceries).


More about the Residences in Los Cabos

The residences at Punta Ballena embrace the beauty of the environment that surrounds it. The residences are designed in an authentic Mexican style and have features like the private courtyards with outdoor fireplaces, covered dining palapas, detached casitas, and colorful interiors inspired by traditional Mexican d├ęcor. They are well known for the ocean views, the wide open layouts of the residences, and their stellar spa services. I will be staying in a private, four bedroom residence and sharing a private chef with my housemates - the moderators for #luxurychat. Exclusive Resorts is taking great care of us and I cannot WAIT to experience every inch of this property and you can be certain that I will share every detail with you!



Ms. Mig said...

Bon Voyage! Sounds like you and the ladies are going to have an amazing and very memorable holiday! Congratulations!

Joe Kutchera said...

Looks fantastic! I want to come! Do you need a translator?