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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tricky Monday

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It has been a rough Monday!

My brother gave me a Google Nexus S for Festivus this year, I received it on Friday and I was thrilled when I opened the box. I tried to get the phone to work and failed until Sunday afternoon when I went into Best Buy and they helped me there to get it working. Next came the massive issues.

Setting up my emails, all of my personal emails seemed to work just fine, the exception was my work email. My Twitter accounts moved over easily, I simply installed Hootsuite and everything was there when I easily logged into my account. The biggest problem is the keyboard. I hate touchscreen and cannot type a darn thing. I also don't know how to turn anything off, I do not know how to hang up. Clearly, you don't just exit the screen, if you do not hit "end" the call doesn't stop.

Today has been a day of me trying to fix my emails, fix my phone, argue with myself, yell in frustration at the phone. And bark at people who don't deserve to be barked at (like my mom and @mknox999).

I did not accomplish much work-wise due to my technical difficulties and I was feeling terrible about it. I always have to remind myself that people who work in offices have technical difficulties that get in the way of their work too and that sometimes you just need to deal with it.

Anyway, that is my Monday gripe. Now, I am off to buy some client gifts and try to get my Clear internet fixed so maybe I can get some work finished at home tonight.

Happy Monday.

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