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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Web Marketing Tools and Geeky Stuff

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On a weekly basis, I am asked about various web marketing tools I use, so I created a list....

Believe me, two years ago, I couldn't tell you what ANY of these things were. I recently found an old piece of paper with my notes regarding various blogging platforms, a pro and con list - it was so cute. It was as if I had just found my fifth grade journal. I've come a long way in a short period of time, but that has also made me the ask-monkey. When you ask me about anything that has to do with Wordpress themes, web hosting, email marketing, and any other weird web related thing... I will send you this blog post.

Let's start with y favorite thing in the whole world!

MOO Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards - Create unique cards using your own photos or designs to help your business stand out! I use Moo Cards for my blog business cards because they are fun, quirky and cute! They aren't web-related but for some reason, everyone on the web uses Moo Cards!

My second favorite thing in the world HOOTSUITE

To manage my various Twitter accounts, I use Hootsuite. Hootsuite is free (like other services) but they off a pro version that is ad-free and allows you more functionality.

Wordpress Templates

Once you've purchased your domain name (from below) you can go ahead and install Wordpress - but then, it will just be super bland and lame until you add a template. Some templates are easier to use than others, some are more customizable. The more customization, the more code and technical stuff you will need to know.

You can just keep it easy and call me. I will do it for you for a low, low price. Otherwise, here is what I recommend:

There is another company called WooThemes - they offer various Premium WordPress Templates. The pricing is fair and they also have themes for Joomla and Drupal sites too. Here are some of my fave WooThemes - WordPress Templates (they're pretty self explanatory):

Last but not least, THEMEFOREST.NET this is where I purchased the Lotus Marketing Services Wordpress theme. Here, you are going to find the most themes and the cheapest themes. HOWEVER, keep in mind, you will probably see your same theme on 100 different sites. These themes do not offer the same customization options as some of the others, and for that reason, they are easier for the newbie.

Domain Registration and Hosting

I literally get asked this on a weekly basis, if not more. I cannot tell you how shocked I am that SO MANY people use They are NOT for me. They sell to newbies, start them off with a super affordable, basic package, and then you get stuck with the add-ons. From what I know, they have good customer service and if you feel you must, go for it! Here is a link:

Two web hosting companies I've used myself and I can vouch for:

Here are some other domain registration services and hosting services:

Web 2.0 Marketing Tools

Web Press Releases
Your site is live! Your are ready to sell, blog and promote whatever it is you are here for! Good for you, now what? You need to get the word out, right? How does one drive traffic to their site, that is the age old question. There are ways, many ways, and Web Press releases are just one of the options.

Several web release tools are at your fingertips, like PR Web and PR Newswire. I've used PR Web's basic plan which I found almost worthless. When I used their Advanced Plan ($200) or their Premium Plan ($360), I was picked up by a journalist. If you go with PR Web, use the Advanced Plan or the Premium Plan. Unless you have about $1300+ to spend on a release, you're more than likely not going to use PR Newswire.

To keep it basic, web releases put your information into online news streams like Google News and Yahoo News, so your information (company name, web links) will show up in a search. If you pay more, the reputable sites will host your release on their site for journalists and bloggers to peruse and potentially pick up. If you pay even more, they will release them to a few premier news outlets.

You're going to hear sales people tell you things like "It is better for SEO" and "Our releases are Social Media friendly...a lot of hog wash and a lot of smoke and mirrors. They add a "Share" button to your release, charge you $130 extra, and call it "Social Media friendly". Generally, what happens is, your press release content gets scraped by spam blogs that are loaded up with ads. This does help you generate links back to your site. Does this help your search results? A tiny bit. Do I still use a web release? Yes, I do from time to time - but I still pick up the phone and call journalists when something is really happening.

Email Marketing:
I used Constant Contact for years, it was one of the first, affordable email services for the masses. I never loved the look/feel of Constant Contact emails. When my list grew beyond a certain number, Constant Contacts pricing almost doubled. They also do not have the capabilities for multiple sign-up lists, which is what I needed most. I manage four sites where people can opt-in for emails and I have to be able to use Mad Mimi email service without mixing up the lists.

I looked into many email marketing services and ended up with Mad Mimi. Mad Mimi offers the best pricing for lists under 5000 ($24 a month but FREE if you have under 100 emails). Their interface and user experience is simple and fun to use. They offer clean designs and templates where you can easily change colors, drop in photos and add links. Literally, a first grader can run an email campaign with Mad Mimi. Their reporting is good, you can see who clicked on what links, who forwarded your emails and how many times they opened each email. A lot like other services. The added benefit its, whenever I need something from Mad Mimi, I tweet them and they reply almost immediately (within regular business hours).

If your email lists have grown beyond a certain number (more than 20,000) and you are sending multiple emails from multiple accounts to various market segments, perhaps it is time to look for a bigger email marketing company. For that, I would recommend iContact provides a robust array of tools to create, send and track your email marketing campaigns. Try it FREE today!

Two other email marketing companies I found, but did not spend too much time researching, but you can check them out: 1) Infusionsoft and see how they stack up to the competition. 2) An email marketing company that claims to be very intuitive and easy to use. It's the only email marketing applications that offers every customer a private IP address - they are called StreamSend

Other Odds and Ends You May Ask Me About

Fonts, Graphics and Other Stuff:
I don't use fonts and graphics all too often but when I do need to find a cool font or when I am working on a project where I need a graphic or clip art. Here are some sources I use:

Let's Finish With - Geeky Stuff and Weird Web Stuff:

Dear Lord, this post took me FOREVER to write! And, yes, almost all of these links are affiliate links. Believe me, I guarantee I will make like $.30 for writing this post. I really wrote it because I am tired of having to recite all the information each time someone decides they want to start a blog or a website and want to suck my brain for free information.

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Matt Maldre said...

Ha! Yeah, i bet this took a while to write. Lots of great resources here. I'm surprised you put it all into one post instead of separate ones, considering all the work. But then again, it's nice for readers to have it all in one place.

You mentioned a lot of great companies and made lots of great points. I TOTALLY agree with you on Godaddy. #1 I can't stand their ads. #2, totally, they put people on these crap servers and then if their site gets an traffic, it crawls. Ugh. It's more like nogodaddy.

As far as StreamSend offering a unique IP for email. While a unique IP sounds nice for email, it's really not. Unless if you are sending A TON of regularly time email. If you send to a small group, and it's not on a very regular basis, your deliverability score will suffer, and more of your emails will get put into the spam folder.

We've been doing an extensive amount of research on big email providers, and one of them tried selling us an additional "silver-level" with a unique IP. We don't send daily emails to over 100,000 people. Maybe twice a week it might be to 7,000. Some weeks nothing. other weeks it might be 100. Man, our deliverability score would be in the tank if we had a unique IP.

Companies that send less regular emails need to piggyback together with a larger email sender that will make their IP addresses send email consistently on a regular basis.

I'm quickly trying to find an article that explains this. But i'm finding LOTS of articles that say why you need a unique IP. Ugh. One place that is a good resource for seeing your sender score is

Maybe I should write a little article about all this.

leyla said...

Hi Spudart,
Thank you for your well thought out comment!

To be honest, it was NEVER my intention to write such a long blog post, but once I started, I couldn't stop!!

I am glad you agree with me on GoDaddy - but hey, they pay their affiliates and arm/leg so I had to stick them in there :) Besides, people want to use them, so give the people what they want.

Although I don't have an immediate use for the mass email information, I would still be intereted in reading it. If you do write the post, please send it my way.

Jen Knoedl (Ka-no-del) said...

Good stuff! Now I know where to send people!

Jen @ SecondCitySoiree said...

Great post, Leyla! In regards to email services, I'm very happy with MailChimp...they give you 5000 free "sends" which has worked out well for me.

leyla said...

5000 FREE email addresses to send to? That is just insane in the membrane!

Betty Jean Bell said...

Love this article! I'm gonna feature it on my blog. fantastic!

leyla said...

Thank you Betty Jean, I appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some quality points there. I am kind of new to online , so I printed this off to put in my file, any better way to go about keeping track of it then printing?