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Friday, December 17, 2010

What a Busy Week

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It has been a busy few weeks!

It started at some point about two weeks or three ago, I went to Cabo San Lucas, I picked up a new piece of business, and I have been working to catch up and get myself up to speed.

Everything came to head with all the events I have had for the past few weeks. On November 30th, I had the "Un-Corporate Holiday Event" On Wednesday, I had the NoMI Wine Tasting event, which was great, and I still have not had a chance to write it up but here are the photos. At the end of last week, I had a corporate holiday party I was organizing. I spent all day Friday finishing up running errands for the event.


In addition to the parties on Wednesday and Friday, I also had a black tie on Saturday night. The Holly Ball that raises money for The Children Charities. My dress was made for me and it was barely finished in time. A navy silk chiffon.

Leyla on The Way to Holly Ball

Sunday was calm, but the madness started again with an event on Tuesday night with a going away party for a friend followed by the Social Media Chicago Mad Men party on Thursday night.

SMC Chicago Mad Men Holiday Party

It's been a busy week indeed. It is Friday night, I will get some rest tonight and then wake up tomorrow and put in a full eight hour day - I work on Saturdays - most Saturdays. I have a deadline.

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