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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who is @Leyla_A

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Who Is @Leyla_A

When I started this blog and opened my Twitter account, I was just someone trying to teach myself a bit about digital marketing, follow some knowledgeable people and maybe make some friends. These days, sometimes I feel like I am not Leyla Arsan but playing the part of @Leyla_A on this blog and on Twitter.

Leyla on her BlackBerry

It all started one night when I was un-followed by a former client

Almost two years ago, very late at night, in a private conversation, I said the word s**t on Twitter as an @reply to one person in specific. The next day, I received an email that a former client had chosen to block me on Twitter because of my choice of words. I was really hurt because I felt as I had behaved so unprofessionally. But it was late at night and it was an @reply to one person. That is the day I remember as the day my online life forever changed.

Am I just being dramatic? Sort of, I am. I do choose to be a very public person. I do choose to reveal a lot of information about myself, my business, my clients, etc. and I know this results in people having impressions, opinions and expectations of me. The reason I say my life forever changed, is because from that day forward, I started to actively keep myself aware of how people react to me online.

I would specifically write various blog posts to test traffic levels and bounce rates. The more personal information I revealed, the more time people spent on my blog. The posts I would write where I expressed a stronger opinion, I would receive a greater reaction - sometimes negatively, sometimes positively. The more emotion I would pour into my posts, the more emotion I would get back from my readers.

scream and shout

I don't care who you are, putting yourself out there creates stress. For me, when my posts, my links, my comments, my tweets, etc., are positively received, I feel like I am on top of the world. When someone un-follows me or when someone has something negative to say about me, my work, my comments, my posts, etc., I feel like a tremendous failure. It is a roller coaster ride.

Back to my original subject matter...Who is @Leyla_A? I am someone who takes my work seriously even though it does not seem like it at times. I like to joke around and, at times, my sense of humor can lead some to believe that I am aloof - but that is hardly the case. All I do is work, so it has to be fun and it has to be funny, but it does not mean that I am not serious.

Because I work for myself, this is the most aggressive I have ever been in my career and I plan to keep this ball rolling. I feel satisfied with what I am doing particularly because I am able to carve out exactly what I want to do for a living. I like creating social media and event marketing campaigns and projects for clients and I am doing it. I also love blogging - I love sharing my life, my thoughts, my opinions, my successes, my failures and my boring, everyday life. Mostly, I grateful for the audience, I honestly never thought anyone would ever care about what I had to say...but month after month, they keep caring.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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