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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

YSL Tribtoo Platform Pump - Me Likey!

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When I was a little girl, I was a saver...but that was a long time ago.

As a child, I had a disturbing saving habit. I would stash away lunch money and my allowance and stockpile loads of cash. One year, when I was 12, I bought everyone in the family expensive Christmas presents. As my brothers and parents opened their gifts, my parents started to question me, "Where did you get these?" After telling them that I had been saving for one year, and that I had managed to put away about $600.00, I got in a lot of trouble.

My parents asked me to show them where I kept my cash, which I did and they were shocked. Were they mad at me or were they really mad at themselves because their 12 year old had managed to quietly put away $600.00 without either of them noticing? Or because I had not eaten lunch in a year? You decide, but don't think this was the first time I outsmarted my parents, that game started when I was 9 months old.

This frugal lifestyle continued through high school and college. In high school I worked 30 hours a week so I could go to France as an exchange student my senior year. I brought enough cash with me to buy a Chanel purse on the Champs-Elysees. I paid for college myself and worked full time and part time to put myself through grad school (about 13K a year in cash at the time).

All this ended in 1999. In 1999, I started to work for Blackbird restaurant as a hostess while finishing up grad school. Until I started working at Blackbird, I had never given much through to couture clothing or designers. I had a few pieces that my mother had purchased for me, my first YSL top I received as a gift when I was 19, I still wear it today. But, I grew up a tom boy and my teens and 20s were in the grunge era - I was grunge before grunge was cool. I very well may have invented grunge.

Sixth Grade ?

Driving home from U2 in '92

In '99 at Blackbird, I was introduced to the lifestyle of the fabulously hopeless. Models and beautiful women banking every last penny that any credit card would lend them on the hopes that they could marry a wealthy man. Girls who would literally go out at night wearing $1000 outfits with less than $10.00 in their wallet. These women assumed it was your pleasure to even converse with them and that you should feel honored to buy them a drink. I was shamelessly sucked into their lifestyle of extravagance.

This was where I picked up my terrible spending habit. Nights in fancy restaurants eating decadent food and sipping champagne older than I was. Fancy hotels, last minute, first class trips to South Beach, NYC and Las Vegas. Black tie events. Cocktails after work. Manicures, pedicures, hair, make-up, etc. I went from a frugal saver to a spendthrift almost overnight. Don't judge, I regret none of it and refuse to divulge any of it, you wouldn't believe me if I told you anyway.

One year, I had to decide between buying a new stove or a pair of beautifully constructed, gold Gucci pants. I did the right thing and bought the stove, but don't think for ONE minute that I don't constantly dream of those gold Gucci pants. Eric from Gucci and I think back fondly on the gold pants and how darling they were on me.

Where does this leave me now? It leaves me in a terrible place. I adore beautiful things and firmly believe I should own them. I appreciate and love my handbags, my gorgeous hosiery, my finely knit sweaters, my luxurious make-up and my fantastic shoes. I am, however, more careful these days. I have been eyeing this shoe for some time now. I own the gold YSL Tribut sandal (in my header above) and regret not purchasing the simple, black pump. This does not have to be a regret any longer - with your help, we can make this happen.

This is why I come to you, the reader of this blog. I get about 1400 to 2000 unique visitors per month, which means if each of you give me just .50 cents, I can have my Tribtoo Platform by Yves St. Laurent. The picture above is my dream shoe. I am going to Affiliate Summit West Coast in Las Vegas in January and I would like to wear them then.

Just feel free to click here below and donate to my shoe cause. Thank you dear reader. I look foward to your blog comments and promise to publish all of them, regardless of how nasty they may be (no profanity please). Remember, Christmas is about giving!


mary mary said...

Haha, I'm giving you $5 because you're funny. My personal dream is for some Louboutins.

Dylan said...

y'know, I feel this exact same way, but about drugs. Everyone always tells me I need to get help and straighten out my priorities, but if I have to choose between a nice phone and a weekend out of my mind on shrooms... Well my phone works for now. I am glad that I'm not the only one that feels this way

LPC said...

I admire your audacity. Lisa (Privilege)

leyla said...

Thank you all for your comments! Mary, Louboutins are not worth it (IMO) YSL is the way to go!

Lisa, Thank you!

Dylan, I am not sure how to respond :0

Japan Korea China Manufacturers Parts said...

Yep. I just doubled it from 16 to 32! Feels good to know it's going towards something meaningful! =) -

Wardell said...

Merry Christmas! I hope you reach your goal, this is a acquire funds.