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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fight Night - 8 Count Productions

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Boxing Event in Chicago

My childhood best friend's husband is a fight promoter so I occasionally make it to their events. On Friday night, we went to their boxing event at the UIC Pavilion, the crowd was lively and the stadium was almost full, a vivacious crowd makes for a better event. Generally, the closer you get to the boxing ring, you will see what you would typical expect to see - fat dudes with women that look like hookers. So great people watching.

Fight Night at UIC Pavillion

boxing match

If you've never been to a boxing event, you should really try to make it to one. Good seats are essential (we were on the main floor about 10 rows back). Generally when I tell people they should go to a boxing match, they say "I don't like boxing". Do you think I like boxing? It is not like I sit around watching boxing on television, I don't even like sports, but I do love live boxing.

Boxer from Skokie, Illinois

The best fight I saw on Friday night was the kid from Skokie, I cannot remember his name. He was a young boxer and he was pretty much getting his ass beat for the first half of the fight. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the kid just got this crazy burst of energy and started throwing some great punches. The crowd went wild, and before we knew it, the fight was over. The kid from Skokie won!

Winning Fighter Announced

That evening there were one or two fights with Russian fighters, and unbeknownst to us, we happened to be seated in the Russian section. We were sandwiched in between three rows of Russians who chanted "Roos-ki-ya" as the fights went on. After one of the fights was over, a young fighter got cleaned up and sat in the row behind us. I believe he was a welterweight, he was so little, it looked like I could take him in a fight. Here is an article in the Chicago Tribune that talks about the fights.

We left just after David Diaz fought. @diablo_guapo was hungry and we were heading over to Three Aces before the kitchen closed. Next fight is on March 18th and I intend to get a group together for that fight. The tickets that we were seated in are normally $125 and my friends are going to give us dramatically discounted pricing so stay tuned for details.

Before we go, I thought I'd leave you with a picture of the ring card girl.

Ring Card Girl

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