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Monday, February 21, 2011

Video Content Marketing and Community Building

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Recently, I've been working with a client , they are a kitschy, fun, informational video site for Forex traders (foreign exchange). Each video is about two to three minutes long. They start with a 20 to 30 second introduction by a "field correspondent" - generally a goofy, dim-witted joke that is meant to be tongue-in-cheek. April Rose, the lead correspondent then goes into a real, trading news segment or a Forex news term for about 1:30 seconds.

My responsibilities vary but I primarily assist with marketing the video content. In order to do so, we work on audience development, understand what visitors find favorable about the site, user-experience and create events (on and off-line) around the product. On a secondary level, I work make contributions to increase organic search and paid search.

The site is less than six months old and about four months ago, we started to post content more regularly and put some marketing power behind the content. We shoot every other week with the field correspondents, Chicago area models (Loop Rock girls, etc.) and, April Rose, our lead correspondent, is in the office regularly shooting the Forex educational segments. We've been using Twitter, Facebook and live events to help spread the word about the site.

Currently, the videos are hosted on and we also have a YouTube channel. Why both? Well, with Fliqz, our video quality is better and we are able to host approved ads on our videos (coming soon). We keep the YouTube presence because it is a great way to expose the brand to a larger audience. We have our URL on all our videos so visitors can navigate to the actual site to see more about the models. The site itself has a gallery and bios on the models.

Here is a sample video of the Foxy girls:

We try to partner with other Forex trading sites and Forex trading companies for live events. We bring the girls to the live events in cute T-shirts and give away small, branded gifts. In the future, we do anticipate hosting our own event. We were thinking a pool party where we partner with a liquor company and invite local Forex traders. In addition to our own events, the Foxy girls are available for private, corporate events.

So far, working with the site and the guys who own the site has been a blast. The funny part is, ALMOST EVERYONE behind the camera and in front of the camera are women. There are about four or five ladies who maintain the site, run the social media, shoot the video and book the models. That has been the most settling part of the experience, it may seem a bit exploitative, but the experience has been so positive for me because we're all girls!

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Aadarsh said...

Foxy Forex actually gives essential information for forex trading neophytes.