Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: My Flight Home, Carla Bruni, SXSW and Houston, Texas

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Flight Home, Carla Bruni, SXSW and Houston, Texas

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(This was written on the plane Saturday night, March 19th)

My Flight.

The turbulence is rough and I cannot concentrate on my work while I am swinging about in thin air. I am listening to my go-to flight music, Leonard Cohen "Everybody Knows," I often feel as if this were my theme song. Due to my lack of ability to concentrate at my task at hand, I decide to write this blog post. Should the plane come down, perhaps this will be the last thing what people read of mine, but maybe not.

SXSW Interactive in Austin.

I was going over my video clippings from SXSW, one week later, it is all just a blur at this point. I vaguely recall being at SXSW and the videos of darkness do not help me decipher what exactly happened. I did enjoy myself and I made a handful of great connections.

SXSW Interactive 2011

The day I was leaving Austin for Houston, I received a text from an ex asking me about the convention and letting me know that he was proud of me. He went on to ask me how I looked during the convention– typical. Loosen your grip on the past - sings Leonard Cohen.

Carla Bruni, A feminist if you ask me.

I have a cover song on my playlist, Carla Bruni covers Leonard Cohen "In My Secret Life" and my mind wanders....I think more about Carla Bruni.

Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy
Dinner at Petit Palais - 1

How can I think Carla Bruni is a feminist? Well, she does what only men can do, only she does it better. To me, that is feminism. I wanted to write a blog post about Carla Bruni for a long time but I feared others would frown upon it. Tonight, when this song came on, I knew it was kismet. I knew I should write my true feelings for Carla Bruni.

Who is Carla Bruni? She is a former model, a musician (Quelqu'un m'a dit) and the wife of the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, that is maybe how you know her best. Carla Bruni is also the illegitimate daughter of a millionaire mother who was having an affair with her billionaire father. She was born in Italy and raised in France. She dated both Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton, and to me, she is a bit of a hero.

Lerab Ling 19

Carla Bruni is fairly famous for having an affair with Raphael Enthoven (while allegedly living with his father) and bore an illegitimate son to Raphael (whom she wrote a song about called Rapha?l). His wife at the time, Justine Levy, did not take too kindly to this mishap, she wrote a book called "Rien De Grave about the incident. Translated to English, it means - “Nothing Serious.” Pretty serious, but I think she was being cheeky.

Probably my favorite part about Carla Bruni is, before she married the President of France, she dated the Prime Minister of France. Explain to me if you will, what woman gets to do this? Only men have a license to behave this way, men are consistently forgiven while women are condemned - but not Carla Bruni. For that reason, God bless Carla Bruni.


So why was I in Houston? My close friend Jen’s father passed away last week and instead of coming home from Austin, I hopped on a Greyhound and made my way to Houston for a few days to be with Jen and her family.

Greyhound Station in Austin, Texas

A quick sidetrack - The bus ride from Austin to Houston. I have never been on a bus in the United States, in Europe or Turkey, yes, they are more common, but in the U.S. never. My ONLY goal for this bus trip was to not sit next to someone who smelled like urine. That’s all I asked, I just wanted a urine-free trip. Success was mine!

I boarded the bus and there were several open rows. As my eyes panned the seats, a voice in my head said, “Always pick who you sit next to, don’t let them pick you.” I backpacked through Europe (alone) in the 90s and I read this valuable tip in a book geared for women traveling alone. So I did not take an open row, instead, I paused for one second and picked a seat with the boy with long hair that looked like Chris Robinson from The Black Crowes. Turned out he was a tattoo artists... with no tattoos of his own.

My three hour bus ride with the formerly homeless, young, tattoo artist was very pleasant. He was not annoyed with my stories, and what was better, he had plenty of his own stories to share. Stories about fighting and getting shot at by other homeless people, girl troubles, tattoos, making TV shows about being a tattoo artist, etc. I didn't believe all of his stories, he probably embellishes for effect, but who doesn't? His stories suited me just fine because he kept me plenty entertained on an otherwise dreadful trip.

Urine-free bus ride, perhaps, but not filth free.
This is the sink in the rest stop in-the-middle-of-no-where-Texas

Bus stop in the middle of no where Texas

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