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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tiger Blood Radio - Capitlizing on "Charlie Sheen Winning" by Sirius XM

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All of my wildest dreams are almost coming true - Tiger Blood Radio is here! On SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio

Starting tomorrow morning at 6AM, there is a new station on SIRIUS XM- Tiger Blood Radio. That's right folks, if you do not have SIRIUS XM, this could be a good time! I have SIRIUS XM app on my Android phone so I am ready to roll.

What is Tiger Blood Radio?

Initially, I thought it was a station starring to Charlie Sheen but after reading further I find it is a 24-hour limited-run channel that will explore the breaking news, facts, fallout and career implications of the Charlie Sheen controversy. The station claims that it will take listeners behind the headlines, exploring the media frenzy and the media reaction. It also claims to analyze the medical, psychological, psychiatric and pop culture and celebrity angles. Additionally, there will be a recap of news coverage, it will offer a timeline of recent events.

Hopefully something crazy will happen and we can hear some breaking news on Tiger Blood radio, but I am thinking that the best is behind us folks.

Tiger Blood Radio will also offer the following:

  • SIRIUS XM listeners will hear archival Playboy Radio clips featuring "Goddess"/current live-in girlfriend Bree Olson
  • Sheen's ex-fiancĂ©e/Spice Radio host Ginger Lynn shares stories of her relationship with him on Tiffany Granath's Playboy Radio show
  • And adult film star Kacey Jordan talks to Playboy Radio's Night Calls about her times with Sheen. This will probably be Kacey Jordan's final 15 minutes so I am sure she's planning to make it good.

When (Howard Stern) had Charlie Sheen on the show earlier this week, he told Sheen that he would be happy to mic up Sheen's home and let him come on the air whenever he felt the urge. Being completely enthralled by the Sheen debacle, I found this to be a brilliant idea! Brilliant. But, as you likely already know, I find all of Stern's ideas to be brilliant.

Although Tiger Blood Radio is not quite like having the real Sheen on the air, actually, not even close, it is a great marketing angle, and hopefully SIRIUS XM can sell some radios and Android apps from it. And then, maybe, just maybe, we can get Sheen to do a real 24 hour radio show from his own SIRIUS XM Satellite Radiochannel!

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